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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Sunshine.

Reasons To Be Hopeful?

I think many of us who blog do so with the hope that we can gainsay the so called experts and in particular know all, pompous politicians and their puppet master, Civil Servant crooks. My October  forecast, which now looks good with its late February warm spell and early Spring still looks better than all the official, expensive rubbish. 

I expected more rain, however. One factor that may not have happened is the substantial demand now called for in The UK and in particular the South East. The drying up of reservoirs is at a faster rate and so the evaporation of vast stretches of water locally has diminished thus failing to produce extra moisture in the air. We could argue that now even normal levels of rainfall are not sufficient for the enormous increase in demand.

I digress. Another suggestion of mine, some weeks ago, was that the economy is likely to continue improving, world wide. In today's Times this is also mooted. The Indian aircraft deal seems still possible, Jaguar Land/Rover are booming outside The EU. Russia is powering ahead, Japan doing much better and so forth. It is just this failed EU that has yet to realise its collapse is necessary if the individual nations are ever to do 
better again.

Another positive piece this morning and from last week is Nat Rothschild's outing as a fixer. Be it politicians, corporate executives or gangsters, that unholy trilogy of crooked scammers is getting noticed. At last. This matters. Once the Greek people realise how their lives are being trashed by those alliances the more they and the rest of us might well go after them.

Indeed, I also pushed, over two years ago, for Snotty and his bunch not to bail out the banks. Rather the billions pledged in our grandchildren's names should have been given to the people. Manipulated, exorbitant  credit card debt, overreaching mortgage deals and the ponzi "financial instrument" schemes should have been punished. Those debts alleviated for individuals, the savings parked in small, mutual societies and spent, post saved. Your latter day bonuses would have not been available if those banks had failed and those executives banned from holding directorships accordingly.

All of the foregoing ideas were eschewed in favour of the political patronage, bribing and gangster owed favours. The exact same situation now sits over Greece. These bailouts are to save the skins of the global, corporate, political crooks. However the good news is it is beginning to be harder to keep quiet. Much of the secrecy is being laid bare through  the internet and blogging. Long may it continue!

On that final theme, I had to smile at Balls. Cut taxes, he says. The taxes needed to pay for those bank bailouts. Yet in the same instant we see that RBS and Lloyd's are still bust and losing money hand over fist! Growth would have been available if those huge sums had been given back to us! Idiots or what!


  1. There is "no obvious limit" to the number of immigrants who could settle in the UK, Home Secretary David Blunkett said.

    One obvious limit is water. Always Labour, always wrong.

  2. The state of the world and our countries and economy is nothing to smile about, but the cute pic you put up top made me happy.

    I hope you and the family have a Sunny, happy Sunday as best you can. The sun is shining out here, and there's no snow or blizzards, so that's something.
    Thanks for all you do to cheer us, OR.

  3. Sniper, if we get back to a decent life and economy the chavs will put Labour back in to screw it yet again!
    AB, bless you and thank you.

  4. Its interesting, how the cliche of corrupt Government continues.