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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Some reasons For Optimism.

Despite Politics.

Of late I have faced a questioning of the value of blogging. A comment from my last post, by Harry, gave me a big lift and a desire to post something a bit more positive, so here goes.

I also have added a picture of the week and the look depicted for this first one is delightful. It is of a man humbled by his wife and brought before the courts. Guilty or otherwise, to be in this position and from "hero" (in his sycophants' eyes) to zero in a day is promising for the future possibilities of showing our moronic classes their real place on Earth!

Next up on the positive mood is the EU. Its abject failure, self-interested elite and their banker friends have all conspired to create a juggernaut of incompetence. Such is their pathetic  lack of credible politics and economic common sense they have made it impossible for their peoples to not notice the Emperors have no clothes. 

Throughout the rest of the world and particularly those nations outside of the eurozone, the natural economic cycle is picking up. The USA, in spite of and not because of Obummer, is dragging itself out of recession. As is the UK. Japan, after 12 years of stagnation and dreadful earthquakes is stirring for the better. I would suggest that their hanging on to savings, even through stagnation, has left them with the ability to fund recovery. Then there are the BRICS. These countries, headed by the Chinese and Russian economies, are also beginning to recover from the EU and West's banking thefts. 

Since much of the cash left resides in China and these other Nations' vaults, plus gold reserves, coupled with a more pragmatic understanding of pay as you go, our lot of weaklings need to wake up or continue their debt fuelled decline. Since Greece may well follow Iceland's example and more rapidly recover on their own, that too will undermine, to all our advantage, this ridiculous, unaffordable political bandwagon of a gravy train that is the EU. What's not to like!

So in summary, we may well see the EU sidelined, as the rest  of the world's trading business flourishes. The Middle East may well settle into a more democratic balance in the coming years. Those nations prepared to look outside Europe may well go on to wait for the German people and the rest of the eurozone to realise there political classes and federalist thugs have had their day and just demand of their leaders quit or go!

Now this may seem to be getting a bit too optimistic. However, there are signs that this not only could happen but is already doing so. Whatever the BS spouted by Schauble, Schultz, Merkel, Rompuy, Cameron and the rest of these outdated pillocks, events will do for them, so hang on in there Greece and look hard at Iceland.

By the way, another reason for smiling, Mrs OR's garden is stirring from its Winter sleep!


  1. What a wonderful post, OR.

    I've been in two minds about whether the signs we've witnessed of late are portents of doom or potential and I've come to the conclusion that the outcome is entirely dependent on us.

  2. Its hard to be positive with what going on with these crooks controlling everything in our lives. I went to Ireland for a few weeks last year and I was thinking what a beautiful country it is.That these criminals in government dont own the country one day they will all be gone but the country will be still there. This is why we must fight these crooks for the sake of our children and grand children.
    The fight goes on we will never surrender to the NWO slavery.

  3. Bless you Fausty and GS. Both spot on, we shall remain free come what may!

  4. OR,

    I appreciate optimism but fear it may be misplaced in this topic being economics.

    If one looks past all the worlds headlines, or what I deem deliberate distractions and diversions, and listen to the majority of real economists they would find a rather gloomy picture of the worlds future.

    It matters not what the ideologies of these economists are or what nation they hail from either, an overwhelming majority see a very poor world economy to remain if not get worse for some time yet.

    Nice garden though!

  5. C-CP, I take the kind points offered. I still consider, however, the West's grip on the world economy is the corrupt politicised failure, not everybody's. Ergo, the BRICS may well flourish without Western help. Or even hindrance!

  6. Thanks for this, OR. I somehow, usually, manage to read something depressing before "turning in" but this is quite positive.
    The unexpected happens from time to time, often serious enough to knock the naked tyrants from their fragile perches.

  7. Thank you, Mike. I'll keep looking for positives. Not easy but worth trying!