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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Quality Of The Dung.

A Hard Odour To Judge.

Is this just another casual imported recreational activity?  As far as our erstwhile but utterly callous leaders and politicians are concerned, yes.  Our Country right now is embroiled in the inevitable breakdown of society a major clash of cultures always presages. This gerrymandering ploy by all parties but honed by Labours' last turn with the shit shovel, is devastating.

We poor mushrooms are no longer able to differentiate between good compost poured on our heads and rancid, polluted muck threatening to wipe out any further decent harvests. I make no apology for staying with the current crop of trials extending out from Liverpool to Burnley. Try to Google these cases and if you're lucky all you get are blogs such as mine and better.

Now consider Raedwald's excellent piece on Quatada. This racist, bigoted, misogynistic representative of Satan's progeny is running rings around our mandarin goons and their political puppets. Traitors desperate to corner the burgeoning first class jobs within the EU establishment. These clowns slavishly toe the line and genuflect more readily to all things "European" than to their own Queen, these days.

That this ghastly, ugly in mind and body, preacher of hate is given greater consideration than the child victims of his followers and foot soldiers, is a depth of depravity that dwarfs the criminal paedophilia allowed to thrive and flourish. It is little better than carrying out such acts themselves. Albeit I suggest many throughout Government are slightly envious of the freedom to abuse, their immigrant soul mates are given. Mandy being perhaps one of the stauncher flag bearers.

Therein lies another ghastly thought. Whilst the outrage and indeed, criminal charges, against the current crop of abusers spotlights the nature of criminality against young girls, we forget the more "Catholic" elements of sexual and racially motivated abuse elsewhere, do we not?

Amongst all this horror is one further glaringly obvious failing and despicable behaviour. Or should that be omission. The desperate efforts by the authorities to suppress and censor media coverage is so far going well. The MSM are totally devoid of coverage, including much of the demonstrations outside the courts. Demonstrations they were quick to nurture during the Stephen Lawrence trials. Where they do deign to cover the court comings and goings it's the mantra of dogmatic vilification of the "hard right", the "nationalist" agenda is the target for criticism. Those on trial are given a very gentle touch.

We get no interviews with grieving parents, victims'  representatives or any of the glaringly awful nature of the crimes being tried. There is no  discussion as to how these young victims have been created via socialist experiments, single mother approval and educational breakdown. The decades of almost spitting the word "family" forth as something somehow contrary to socialist ideals is a scandal. The same nastiness spewed out against religion. You only have to note the Soviet socialist doctrines to determine where this mind set originates.

Strangely the overbearing and strict nature of Islamic teaching and its inherent nurturing of both racism and misogyny, seem acceptable to the UAF and left wing zealots. I cannot see the logic of attempting to westernise huge tracts of Islamic lands and bring a semblance of Christian values to these barbaric societies, whilst destroying those same values at home. 

Was not the sensible logic to lead by example? Well if it was it sure has failed. Here we return to the West's own failings. The merging of globalised corporate greed with  the political classes has caused huge damage to our and others' Countries. Whilst destroying social coherence and family life at home, our erstwhile elite have sought to impose it elsewhere. Such stupidity and hubristic hypocrisy has only ever had one possible outcome.

So, in summary, as we are still meant to be kept in ignorance of these dreadful trials taking place, so we are expected to support overseas interventions. In the moral wasteland our greed has taken us to, the emptiness of our lives has also been there for all to see. The economic, spiritual and moral bankruptcies are hardly something to show off to those we seek to influence.

How much better a quiet, well ordered and contented society, leading by example, would have been. Of course that would reduce the opportunities for megalomaniacal arrogant pursuit of power and wealth, wouldn't it? A pursuit that condemns children to ever greater horror, exploitation and abuse. Many in power obviously consider this a beneficial by-product, it would seem.



  1. Al-Beeberza was reporting this morning on the lack of primary school places - which it seemed to manage to do without mentioning an increasing population or where that growth in numbers might be coming from. All part of the same thing. If the truth is "inappropriate" it stands no chance of a look-in with the state broadcaster.
    It just has to be deliberate policy not to report stories of such horrible wickedness. There's none so blind as those that won't see.
    I don't want to be a spectator at the destruction of a once great nation and people. But with a deliberately blind MSM, a public doped-up on celebrity drivel, and a politics that's rotten to the core, what are the options?

  2. Bullo, all we can do is try and keep these issues alive until the public look for information on the internet rather than be spoon fed.