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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Protests Get Ever More Widespread.

I'm Unsure About This But Very Drawn!

With all the political unrest, violent suppression and dreadful World of greed, power and the nastiness of a New World Order, FEMEN seems out of sync. Not least because I'm used to the Harperson Harridan style of UK driven, anti-men, rather plain Jane led protest movements.

In this respect I find the sexual imagery of beautiful, half naked young women a real mix of emotion. The initial male reaction is a combination of allure, attraction and pleasure. Then this gives way to a deep questioning of why are they doing it.

Initially, misogynists will be aggressive and feel violence at this display of taunting feminism, then they will feel scared. To bring the sexual power of this movement into the political arena, as a weapon against its otherwise male dominated and perverted use, via sex trafficking and control, is magnificent.

Where the public, male dominated agenda is that such women are theirs to  use at will, to be traded by the likes of Berlusconi and expected to be a commodity and luxury only available to the rich, the powerful and the gangster hierarchy, these women are taking ownership of a different agenda.

Look beyond the first impressions and I think their feminist action does much good for all women, regardless of looks, age or appearance. If I've got it right they are saying that beauty and glamour is for al, not just an elite strata of human existence. 

They are flaunting ownership of themselves and cursing those who would trade them. The authorities who suppress and curb freedom of expression and freedom of the individual. It seems an exploitation of sex for a far better purpose than money, the greed of the fashion industry and the sleaze of the pornographic environment. 

I love it. I hope for more than just the base sexual appetite of male shallow instinct. Of course that's there but isn't this the point? They have something special and wish it to be solely under their control and not for forced exploitation. A fascinating and very stunning movement. Long may they survive and win a better deal for women the world over!

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