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Friday, 3 February 2012

Oh How The Wannabe Mighty Fall!

Surely This Means A Good Weekend?

What sport. A high and mighty arrogant sh**t decided he was above the law and stitched up his definitely better half. Now he faces a jury trial in the Crown Court. Already Loony Lembit trotted forth to pour faint praise on this arrogant, mega rich probable liar and perverter of justice.

OK, so he's innocent until proven guilty. Well, the proof of his thieving green taxation policies, costing you and me billions we don't have, is pretty evident. In all this mayhem is the mantra, yet again, of how great that other crook, Laws, is. What a shambolic lot of unpleasant people our leaders are.

If they're not lining their own pockets, speeding carelessly over the land and building useless windmills for their own personal gain, then they're busy telling us how superhuman they are. Well, this hubris is getting ever more obvious as the internet becomes less sycophantic than the excitable media.

I know this will be quickly shoved aside but God willing the man's downfall will be  a justifiable shot across the bows. Maybe this publicity will give even the dullest in the land a heads up. Things can be done to halt the superiority and hubris of even Cabinet Ministers. It is a strike for justice and a nice tilt at a man deserving of vilification and character exploration. Like so many, not fit for purpose. Next please!

PS. I tweeted this gem but not much take up so I've put it here! Might Huhne end up here!


  1. Yes! Result! To my ears, nothing this man says stacks-up. Ever. I wonder if the Jury will find the same? Still, under our system, it's up to The Crown to make the case against Huhne. They now believe they can, which means they believe he's a liar. Wonder what gives them that impression? :-}

  2. This from the Telegraph says it all..

  3. Bullo, hapy days indeed. Anon, great link and shows OR's knack of sussing these vile people out!

  4. Certainly a result!

    I just hope we don't see him in cabinet again a year or two from now.

  5. A truly champagne moment, Michael

  6. Hopefully his cell is heated by a windmill and Big Bubba forgets the lube.

  7. Winston, he's adamant he's innocent. Impossible, he's lauded as an accomplished politician, ergo, liar!

  8. OR. You're right. He lied to his missus long enough about his affair and he lied to us about the global warming scam so I doubt if he gave it a second thought about lying to the police.
    Maybe he'll get the girlfriend to do the time for him.

  9. Hah, Winston, rumour has it the girlfriend would manage that easily