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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Nightmare Grows.

As Liverpool Trial Remains Unreported  By The Media. 

The internet is rife with stories like that of poor Charlene Downes. One would hope she will become a martyr to the cause of racist behaviour perpetrated by ethnic Asian and Black individuals. The trial in Liverpool hides a canker so unpleasant and yet so beloved of the left. Here, in our midst, is a horrific story of multiculturalism allowed to flourish under the umbrella of positive discrimination.  

The practises we find abhorrent are hidden under the left wing dogma of fairness for all, unless they have other non left wing philosophies or point to the flaws so frequent in left wing dogma. How often do these misguided, ideology for its own sake, children of dull parentage fail to debate the glaring awfulness around them.  Such as this., or even more terrible, female cicumcision.

Whilst the UAF and others rail against the nationalist effort to bring these injustices to the fore the horror of these imported, uncivilised practices grows apace. The hypocrisy is immense and the collusion of authority criminal. Nothing must be allowed to be broadcast or reach the cloth ears of the celebrity hooked, heavily sedated by soap opera, masses. When they do join together to protest they are vilified beyond sense.

Look at the pathetic banners calling and branding the antipathy to tribal, ignorant mutilation and exploitation, as "fascists", racists and ill bred louts. Yet it is only those slandered voices that ever get even a tiny whiff of publicity. Nearly always supporting the unfair and equally racist chants from the left.

Mass immigration has brought this Country and its values to their knees.  The real motives behind this are known to be gerrymandering and divisive. If practices of deep barbaric and misogynous cruelty and violence are perpetrated, the Establishment wrings its hands but quietly shrugs. It is a small price to pay for the subjugation of dissent and the watering down of National  and endemic pride.

Look how passionately history is being re-written. The EU buying into billions of gallons of mind bleach to convince us all the World needs a single Government plus a passion to cleanse history of any inconvenient truths. Tribal customs, religious hatreds and Saracen hordes are given free rein to vent their wrath on a bullied West, all in the name of a manufactured New World Order.

Given the deafening MSM silence to this Liverpool trial and the ever growing mutilation of young girls, white and coloured, it would seem the "plan" is progressing well. A plan that is virtually identical to Hitler's but with the emphases reversed. So many "intellectuals" will scoff at such a reference. However the encyclopaedia of the internet, for all its faults, shows different. As does the reality around us. I point you in the direction of two YouTube clips in closing and beg the question, "where is the shame of those politicians who collectively have colluded to bring The United Kingdom to this terrible place?" 

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