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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Is It Just The Euro?

Probably Not.

This morning a report on the Bank of England's money printing increase was discussed. As ever, important issues such as the EU accounts unsigned or Greece's endless and insurmountable subjugation were but brief mentions. The only economic news the BBC like to report is gloom that favours their socialist pals.

I had for some time, as a non-scholarly, ordinary person,  been considering the mess we fell into in 2008 and the reality of it still being very much with us today. My musings on the political failure of this collapse and the corporate, political and gangster collusion, that now still plagues us all, is well documented in many previous posts. To this end I felt it was time for a recap.

I decided to begin with the conundrum what is money? Once upon a time trade was all about barter. However the storage of produce, livestock and even land and shelter, became difficult to maintain. Covetous neighbours or angry peasants might easily dispossess a person with available and visible wealth. Of course this happened between neighbours and even countries. In addition to this, as people travelled with their wares or seeking work, any goods and chattels were a handicap to transport.

Over time gold began to become the staple means of exchange and barter to fall out of favour as a practical means of exchange. Of course in feudal times the peasantry were initially provided food, shelter and warmth for their labour but again this waned as a practical payment, as the movement of people accelerated.

So a gold standard was born and served mankind as a bond to seal trades for centuries. "The gold bullion standard is a system in which gold coins do not circulate, but in which the authorities have agreed to sell gold bullion on demand at a fixed price in exchange for the circulating currency."  It is ironic that the mechanisms pertaining to the gold standard failed because of wars! 1914 onwards leading to the eventual change from asset backed currencies to IOUs.

Then came the modern conversion to the computer mechanisation of fund transfers and price fixing. Suddenly everything was traded instantly and money whirled around the ether in vast quantities. The troika of bankers, politicians gangsters and their tame lawyers had a field day. Whether the commodity was heroin or grain, homes or factories, speculation and price fixing was the name of the game. Big up an item, sell tons and tons of it, then claim a glut, price collapses and you buy it back cheaply. Oil being the target of choice.

However, wars still had to be funded and the arms trade boosted, alongside all the other market making scams such as financial instruments or, put plainly, a market created in trading debt. All very clever. This ponzi style activity created thousands of international billionaires and promoted the main players such as Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and their hidden beneficiaries like the Rothschilds.

Now this whole house of cards stood like some vainglorious skyscraper replicated throughout every major city in the world. Monuments to greed, self-interest, power and deceit. Then one day somebody exclaimed the "Emperors have no clothes"! By clothes was meant that national Exchequers and Governments ran out of tax revenues sufficient to honour their IOUs. 

The whole edifice of international, flawed finance was so vulnerable to people asking for their money, as in the Northern Rock debacle, the panic set in. One of the major players, The EU was exposed for the fraudulent organisation it is. More combined debt within its borders than the rest of the world put together. They looked West to their partners in crime, The USA and rather than come clean the deceit was  increased to enormous levels again. A scapegoat or sacrificial lamb was needed and needed fast. Once close partners in crime, the major banking fraudsters needed to wield a knife immediately. The following link tells the rest of the story. A dreadful tale unfolded and began the inevitable sequence of events leading up to this present day.

In that terrible link is all the nastiness, duplicity and utter failure of those who would be kings. All of those banks should have gone. The losses to people would have been no greater or less than they are now. It was those at the top whose wealth and power was most at risk. Still, with the despicable connivance of the political establishment, all of them, the suffering of the perpetrators is of nought. No more than a slight delay to the departure of their private jet because the wrong caviare was loaded. Contrast that with the suffering, brutal suppression and burning buildings, throughout the world and you get a sense of why its all such a nightmare.

Greece will lead the way. That takeover will not survive. As in Syria and throughout the Middle East people are seeing how exploitation has ruined humanity. There has to be another way to run our lives and time for change has come. The EU is a total mess and its destruction should pull down the rest of those associated with the passion for a World Order of corrupt dictatorship. So there is a mega target to begin with. Time is of the essence. Don't be fooled. The economic collapse was engineered as a control mechanism, it must not be allowed to work. Vote for no more of the same!

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