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Friday, 24 February 2012

Is It Any Wonder................

We Are Where We Are?

Though this is not a scene from a Westminster drinking club it could be. The Joyce incident, reminiscent of Lord Of The Pies' old habits, goes well to highlight the paucity of modern decency and manners. Bad behaviour is no longer considered relevant to society. Asian gangs raping children, the gay Mafia everywhere, bankers and corrupt political pimping of different kinds, in high places, all point an accusing finger at the decline in democracy and the will of the majority to prevail.

I am soundly of the opinion that a majority will is nearly always preferable, to not only minority influence but also to minority representative Government. Our system, as demonstrated by Joyce, only different because he's been found out as a drunken thug, is fatally flawed. Promises and manifesto pledges are a waste of space. Voting is skewed to  favour that political party with the most financially wealthy propaganda force. 

Glaring failures in Government are buried at election times by all candidates since they are only too aware that such sleights of hand will be their prospectus in future elections. As for The EU, well that undemocratic bullying and evil is probably more dreadful than Joyce's pugilistic outburst. Their choice of "Glasgow Kiss" is more subtle and patient and their victims run into hundreds of millions.

To sum up how the "West is lost" and the UK at the vanguard of Orwellian behaviour, check this out,  no reason given  as to why this incident came about! As we learn from here.  Now I'm not condoning violent anger, as my take on Joyce shows, yet I have to question what is there left to make the Civil Servant groomed political establishment to take notice? I guess I just have to let the Greeks to help me, by proxy, so far. Albeit the Spanish are also giving me a glimmer of hope for change and a return to democratic principles. For certain the EU driven juggernaut won't stop for a bit of racial tension, will it? Indeed their deployment of violence through their EGF , or should that be Gestapo troops, is pretty well established. 


  1. As our parliamentarians are such slags, is it any surprise that we are "goverened" by a load of lying crooks?
    No matter who or what you vote for or not, the result is the same - some slag wins. Not really worth the time to go to the polling station.

  2. There are days when I wonder how you keep going OR. About 8 years ago I used to say to people at work all politicians are just criminals that we are no better they slaves only we get to go home at end of working day.
    Now just look at the news over the last few weeks Doctors earning almost a million a year, Quango heads on the fiddle arranging that they pay no tax. A job Czar earning about £8 million a year fiddling jobs figures. MEP demanding more money Pedophiles getting community service. Another 250000 immigrants allowed into the country. Today that reincarnation of Brown Cameron handing more of our money to Somalia.
    How much more can we take?

  3. The BBC has edited it's report on this today. Earlier it include reference to the trial, as stated by Julia at ambush predator. That reference has been removed since her post went up at 8:20 this morning.

  4. Bullo, it is a mystery how folk are so laissez faire. GS, I just hope we can chip away just a little, D-Rex the editing did not go unnoticed. I wondered why Julia mentioned the reason when I hadn't seen it later. Blatant censorship at work!