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Friday, 10 February 2012

I Really Thouight It Was April The First.

My Mirth Was Short Lived.

Most politicians whose failed and disastrous careers have still managed, through luck and bullying, to have reaped substantial rewards at tax payers expense, at least sod off. Some, however, hooked on celebrity and hubris, just can't let go. So Lord of Lard and infidelity, fiddled expenses and failed Office, lumbers on.

He, like so many of those at the pinnacle of their poor quality ambition, gets a peerage. This armchair class warrior and betrayer of decency and employees just can't let go. In the background his progeny continue to limber up for a constituency shoe in, whilst the Pieman himself casts around for something else to wreck.

I can never get my head around Labour voters. In every single one of their heartland constituencies poverty, deprivation, overwhelming mass immigrant ghetto building decay continues apace. Not least in this buffoon's hall of residence, Hull. What did he ever do for the fishing fleets, the factories or anything else? Giving him authority over the police would be tantamount to giving him his own army. If his disastrous time in Office is anything to go by, this force would be bankrupt in a year, while he was out croqueting and shagging. 

Still, it is probable that as a consummate confidence trickster, not only of his Mrs but all of us, why shouldn't he seek further public income. After all greed, once established as a necessity, needs feeding, doesn't it? Poor Prezza, not content with the BBC trotting him out every excuse they get, the drug of celebrity just won't take cold turkey, not even in his now beloved House of Lords.

Can't you just imagine if real people got to interview him!

"Lord Prescott, what particular qualifications can you bring to this post?"
In broad, guttural and smarmy tones, he replies,

"Well I do a good secretary, more often than you know. I helped Tony and Gordon wreck the UK and its economy for ever. I punched the odd protester for disagreeing with me. Then there's my total failure of a transport policy. Of course, my ability to lie and cheat on my wife is an essential quality in any political, left wing held Office. I was deputy Prime Minister, of course. You must be aware of the dignity and correct level of gravity I was able to bring to this Office of State, one created to keep me quiet about the various body sites. You cannot, surely, fail to be impressed with my support of the Iraq war and my advice with regard to Dr Kelly. Then there are my incredibly worthwhile contacts. Warmonger Tone, Goldfinger Gordon and a whole list of crooks and expense cheats with whom I worked."

Well, I've said enough. You can consider your own qualities this treacherous philanderer and all round rotten egg and chip eater possesses. He'll make a perfect Police Commissioner in the brave new world of  EU Gauleiters, since bullying and aggressive unpleasantness is a given, in such people. What a dreadful start to a Friday.


  1. On the upside, the fat old cunt's now 73. He has to shuffle off at some point soon.

  2. Bandit, I'd rather see him humiliated than demised!

  3. Don't forget we had to pay to move his fat arse around the world to all those climate scam conferences.
    God knows what shifting all these scammers around the world's holiday spots must have cost.
    Sad news about that climate scamming presidento in the Maldives who held his cabinet under water (sic) to highlight climate change. He was last seen getting chased out of dodge for locking judges up. I wonder if our Alex will put him up in jockoland ? They had a wee greet together at one of the jamborees.
    Even Donald trump is coming out against Alex and his windmills now lol

  4. I suspect,George, Lardy and his ilk have to have two first class seats reserved per arse. One per cheek, as it were.

  5. A 0.45" hole in the middle of that fat face would be rather appealing, don't you think?