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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How Is It Possible?

This Man Ever Got Beyond Stewarding?

This short clip doesn't show the utter imbecility of this man when under public scrutiny and minus the less than palatable trappings of power. His whole demeanour was one of a child whose toys had been removed and was now trying to sulk his way into getting them back.

We all know he was where he was as a sop to the underclass and their cheerleader Trade Union bosses. Sadly his petulant and adulterous behaviour cost this Nation dear. That troops in Iraq and now Afghanistan were denied a better man to argue the preposterous puffing importance of the guy is a tragedy.

As for yesterday, here was a man, albeit on £400 a day or so to Lord it for all his worth, appeared full of chagrin that his phone was not tapped. Now his hope and desire to "tap" compensation lay in tatters. His last ditch compensatory route now seemingly against the Met and a hope he can get a Police Commissioner's licence to print money.

I posted on delusion, yesterday. Here it is totally personified. Since his political career was one of a pawn to another's King, his clumsy gambits were always embarrassingly glossed over. The subtle nuances of power lost in his portly passage across the celebrity chessboard. The loss of this deluded grandness has obviously hit him hard. Once again he has to face his shortcomings as an intellectual pygmy and an oafish, bullying frustration seen when he looks in the mirror.

Gone are the fronted sycophancies, the limos and the tax payer funded, exotic, fact finding sojourns. Suddenly he's putting his hand in his pocket a little too frequently for his own desire. No Tracy typing pool goodies, no frequent TV or media opportunities except when he pays for his own PR. anymore. This is what his Police Commissioner tilt is about.

Watching his manner yesterday was, to a degree, amusing. He squirmed and mumbled. He looked as he really is, out of his depth. Even his language was inarticulate and less than inspiring. Exposed and gross I had to wonder how he ever got where he did. One thing is for sure, such a man at the level he reached, tells us of the paucity of our politics and even more glaringly, why the chip on the shoulder, pie in gob socialists are not fit for high office. Yet whilst he was the butt of civil service humour and hidden briefings, we were the outright losers.

If his tenure had cost us but a penny, we were robbed. That he cost lives, savings and a decent Nation, free of Europe and the "climate" scams and continues to cost us billions in wealth, untold bereavement and misery, is a scandal. He was and remains part of the champagne, (free) socialist cabal, blood brother to the Kinnocks and the rest. Lord in Heaven spare us anymore!

As for expressing my ire, here's a better master and one I generally adore, in these rants! Delightful!


  1. What useful, productive thing did he ever do, whilst drawing the immense Deputy Prime Minister's salary & expenses?

    [Apart from landing a more-useful punch than those attending a Haye-Chisora post-event press conference.]

  2. Joe, he solved with one clumsy sentence, our whole transport infrastructure. Then there was his tax gardens with a view, AGW reef holidays and so on. He produced masses, as you rightly say, for himself!

  3. Oh, I do wish you had a like box for me to tick OR. As always I agree with you - well said.

  4. You have a like box for me, Ann. BIG TICK!

  5. I thought his phone was tapped ? He got £40K compo anyway.
    Horrible bloke though. He was on the Jeremy Whine show today saying how immoral the NOTW was. From the bloke who was pumping his girlfriend while on duty and behind the wife's back ?

  6. Any compo he gets, George, is protection racket money.