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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Greek Tragedy.

British Multi-Cultural Reality.

Over one year ago this blazed the headlines. The Internet is awash with trials, stories and horrific instances of this growing, imported menace. In many walks of life positive discrimination is allowing the ever growing rise in criminality to go unchecked due to the unnatural application of politically correct attitudes. Attitudes which fly in the very face of democracy and the will of the majority.

As the press and media gorge on their diet of politically led food and The EU disaster modelled by Greece fills the papers and airwaves, the other issues spreading into our lives go relatively unreported. Paedophilia now has the tacit blessing of the upper reaches of wealth and power as does the use of "recreational" drugs.

We really are into Sodom and Gomorrah territory. Strauss-Kahn, remember him,  now arrested for criminal charges concerning prostitution.  Justice, what justice,  asks Subrosa in her post of today. As for the distribution of wealth, that's already been done and its not to our benefit.

Although our media choose Greece and the EU as their preferred gossip for the day, their acceptance of the dark and horrific background of World finance goes unreported. This corporate, political, Mafia alliance reigns supreme and the masked displays such as we witness in The EU ballrooms are just a farcical presentation that hides the deep seated corruption of our World today.

This Asian grooming operation could never survive without some kind of tolerance at the very top of the pecking order. Likewise paedophilia. In the same vein the arms dealerships fronted by Ministers and their acolytes are presented as good for jobs and the economy. Yet keeping warm and energy for the people is subjected to incredible cost and activity in the name of a scam called AGW! 

Where's the logic? Beat weapons into plough shares, open up mining and fracking jobs, limit endless immigration, in short, go local and protectionist! Scrap Trident, buy nothing that can be produced here. Above all else let people get on with living a proper life not tainted with cultural dictatorship. 

As for justice, start punishing evil and violent crime properly. Silly me, that's how it used to be. It's a new world order now. Anything goes, well until the sewage levels reach high enough to wash over the walls of Cotswold Mansions!


  1. Now I read that MEPs are asking for increase to their bribes...
    A few post back I sent a link about the EU bribing Irish politicians the link has been removed they dont want the truth coming out.

  2. The corruption and greed is getting more and more into the open, GS.
    As for MEP pay rises, what a joke. Mind you do they see the gravy train running out of steam?

  3. The whole lot of them stink to high heaven! Seriously, I can't think of a single reason why we're not out on the streets, taking back out country from the criminals we have allowed to get into control.

    We've got the worst sort of crony corporatism imaginable - if you've read much about the rise of the National Socialists in pre-WWII Germany you can't fail to see the parallels. The only difference I can see is that our trains don't run on time.

    I do think that more and more people are wising-up to what's going on. Until I encountered bloggers such as you, OR, I knew what was happening was, somehow, wrong, but couldn't define my fears. I spread the word to everyone I speak to, and it's amazing, really, just how many folks are completely frustrated and angry by the direction our "superiors" are taking us in. They'd better hope that the TV execs don't pull Corrie or the footie off the telly. Without the distraction of pap-culture, people do actually care what's going on in our country.

  4. BP, we were slow, as a Nation, to heed Churchill.All we need is an honest, decent leader and off we go!