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Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Fantasy World Of The EU.

Why Does It Exist?

I pose the title question but in my mind I feel the answer. The EU is little more than a temple to political and bureaucratic hubris. Throughout the ages churches, mosques and biblical tomes have been created for worship and collective belief. Always that collective element has been hijacked in favour of a few. Thus power in religion has been taken from the masses for the benefit of powerful elites. In the past those elites were backed by armed force, whenever protest or threat to the ordered dominance was felt.

Now if we accept that modern life is dominated by money rather than religion, we can observe how that "religion" through collective trade and finance has been absorbed by the corporate and political hierarchies of the modern world. In the same way religious creeds and faiths were fragmented into cultural designs and national preferences, so has the modern version of wealth and trade been hijacked.

The European gang determined that the threat of world dominance by, initially the USA but latterly Russia and China, needed to be countered by a European model of equivalent size. A "faith" which could allow those in charge to become unaccountable religious leaders for whom responsibility and action could become unquestionable. Part of the evolvement would need vast amounts of money, forces to protect it and a Synod council that would be dominant and undemocratic.

So we are now so far down this path to an EU dictatorship of financial worship as to be close to the total subjugation of the people within it's remit. 27 nations converted to this fanatical church of Mammon. Yet it's so flawed. The very purpose of it's existence is power through wealth. Unfortunately the incompetence of the erstwhile leaders is huge and the money already squandered.

As an example of the ridiculous nature of the "religion" consider this chart from 2007. The "benefit" claimed, note the word claimed, to the Greek population was argued as, in 2007, 282 euros per head. Now if we consider the present situation in Greece, that figure is a nonsense. Then if we view their payments to the church funds, explained here.  it doesn't take a genius to see the ridiculous cost of these church collections, does it? Plus how the collections are spent

Naturally the "church" leaders and their army of sycophantic, ambitious bureaucrats, all fancy being the subject of a Papal puff of smoke, lit by their Commissioner pals. So in a nutshell, we see why the EU exists. It's a regional branch of a world religion. As for its people, well, a dose of Nazi medicine and Spanish inquisition would blend nicely. The would be critical easily led to the Guillotine as they are rooted out by the use of an EGF.

That last mention, above, of the EGF, ought to strike fear in all of us. Possibly used in Athens last weekend and quite probably listing blogs such as this for the eventual round up and deportation to the camps. If that seems a ridiculous notion I suggest you have a long hard look at history. Particularly European. Force alone is the only way this EU Federal Union can happen. It's also happening in the USA.


  1. The EUGendFor has been on the streets of Greece for over a year.
    They operate with impunity from any local or international laws.

  2. David, thank you. Anon, I wonder where else they are deployed. So bloody terrifying. Probably thousands monitoring the Internet for imaginary revolutionaries. pillocks. Its like digging our own graves.

  3. Psssst, gov, want to buy an indulgence? Gets you the ultimate bailout.