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Friday, 17 February 2012


Of The Masses.

This post, still nothing is done, highlighted the manner in which the dreadful waste of resources and taxes goes on apace. On the one hand we are bullied, exhorted, cajoled and where necessary lied to, in particular over climate bollocks, in order to extort money and tort from us, yet on the other hand, as ever, the hoi poloi get away with extravagant depletion of wealth at will.

It goes to the heart of trade union bosses immorality emphasised by comb over Scargill, the terrible cost of The EU is ignored by the brainwashed underclass, oblivious to the fact that their lives of ignorant nastiness are caused by the hypocrisy of the powerful.

Education is preached as a mantra to bring change, ambition, social mobility to the downtrodden but that exercise was easily stunted by importing cultures and people able to negate the growth of an intelligent and aware populace. Such a growth would impede the continuation and planning of the select few and their closed shop of privilege, nepotism and control.

There are many times I witness the anger in blogs and on Twitter yet nothing changes. I know we have to keep trying but sometimes I do wonder if it's worth it. I guess it does show a willingness not to dig ones own grave or strip one's own clothes prior to execution. This horror is part of the manner in which atrocity is accepted. It would seem that we are destined, under the eventual EU yoke, to witness again. Will their be an uprising then? I doubt it, if only because morality is already dead, in our world of today.


  1. Just heard on the news now that Cameron is doing some deal with France to do with military cooperation. This is the same slimy French president who would not shake his hand a few week ago. Whats that all about O yes the new EU army next Germany will join as so on. The underclasses dont care what going on as long as the benfits keep flowing and X Factor and Big Brother are on the TV. Well Im not going to be their slave so keep up the good work OR.

  2. GS, thank you indeed. Yes, the EU defence force is quietly being established and will eventually morph into a pan EU force to take over from NATO.
    As you say,the masses will continue, as required, to drool over rubbish TV but their day will come when the PTB demand work/slavery. Who's to say they would deserve any better?

  3. We're coming for them - the corrupt so-called 'elite'. There will be no hiding place...


  4. Just saw this on Irish Newspaper EU bribing Irish politicians.
    The now PM Kenny bunged an extra €50k a year.
    Fine Gael used it to pay Taoiseach Enda Kenny a top-up to his salary of almost €50,000 a year when he was leader of the opposition;

    Labour leader Eamon Gilmore and his deputy leader Joan Burton had their salaries topped up by a combined total of €22,100 in 2010;

  5. David Anon, I hope you're right. Nice to see Huhne down in the mouth. GS, I'm grateful for the link to that despicable scandal and have tweeted.

  6. "Will their be an uprising then? I doubt it, if only because morality is already dead, in our world of today."
    I'm sure that without an uprising of some kind there will be no change. My hope would be that any uprising would be based on peaceful resistance - civil disobedience, (I'm follow Gandhi on this) but I suspect that reaction from the authorities (supposed to serve us?) would be heavy handed, turning to brutal.
    I'm not sure where the "Arab Spring" has left the ordinary people in the countries where uprisings have happened. But I suspect they've swapped one type of oppression for an Islamic tyranny that's at least as bad as what they had before. So my greatest concern would be that we, also, would end up under the control of even worse people at the top, if such can be imagined.

  7. I sense that you are not sure if your efforts are worthwhile. and that you may be a bit despondent in the face of public inertia and apathy. My sympathies. But be assured that daily I take courage from your postings and recognise with relief that there are others who think as I do and that all is not yet quite lost.

  8. BP, I think as you do about violent uprising. last Summer in the UK riots were hijacked by the criminal elements.Indeed in Athens, as well. As for the Arab Spring, for me the courage and the revolutionary but in the main peaceful, protests were hope eternal. So we wait. The EU looks ever weaker as a body and that would be marvellous if public pressure brought it down, albeit TPTB seem good at that anyway.

    Harry, I am most inspired by your kind comments and driven to buck up and carry on. Thank you immensely.