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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Disappearing Celebrity World.

Post Birth And Post Excesses!

More and more stories, daily, are trotted out about the superhuman powers of celebrities. Despite booze fuelled, constant banqueting and jet setting life styles, they are more and more getting publicity for their amazing ability to shed excess weight. The spectrum extends from just given birth twenty somethings through to middle aged, life long fatties. One very notable lady being the excellent Dawn French.

Though very laudable I can't shake off a cynical view of this miraculous conversion to so many, not always that bright, men and women. Over the last four or five years this has become a phenomenon. If we consider the obesity issues manufactured by the fast food processing global industry and the expanding, heart threatening dietary muck shovelled voraciously down our gullets today, something needs to be done.

Since we have unnaturally created a problem we now need an industrial effort to combat it. If pharmaceutical giants can tap into a super drug, of minimal side effects, to pop. post blow out, what a fantastic profit maker that would be! The purveyors of crap meats and fat filled gluttony cake can up production tenfold and continue to flog any muck they care to. One little pill after meals and bingo, solved.

It is my contention this reverse Viagra is already with us. Possibly still not fully regulated but as with class A drugs, available if you know the right people and even more readily to hand if you have wads of cash! The beneficiaries of this easy peasy weight loss popper are confined, in the main, therefore, to "celebs" but it can't be long before it becomes available to the masses.

Why delay, you may ask? Well, if premium prices are to be got from those in the public eye then there is no rush, is there? The stars can trot out an appearance of characterful willpower, bodies that can sell products and diet plans and even resurrect failing careers alongside what were failing looks.

So yet again the marketing grip on our lives and behaviour is manipulated to the benefit of the lucky few. It's like war. The powers that be get us into them, wind us all up with dubious propaganda then send of our young seed corn ears to die at their behest. All the time assuring us through complicit and grotesque politicians, all part of the "scam the sheeples" organisation that is The New World Order.

Of course, as the last Labour Government proved, if you make us all feel well off, content and safe from boom and bust, nobody complains and those suffering are easily forgotten in the joyous outings to the shops, show rooms and gathering up of holiday brochure collections. If only it were that simple. 

To fuel the celebrity culture, the marketing targets and the subjugation of freedom and self reliance, much subterfuge is required. Smoke and mirrors such as look how much weight I've lost after my baby or my foody binges. Ironically, as the debts pile up so the ability to fund a false contentment is also lost. Comfort eating in your population is desirable if you can afford it. Sadly no diet pills are needed in Greece just now, are they? 

Indeed this industry and quick fix pill popping may well be unnecessary in years to come. We might find that a reverse equation kicks in. As it does in poor countries, where to be fat is a sign of wealth and importance and the stick thin celebrity culture will be derided!


  1. The diet pill does indeed already exist. It was even reported in newspapers as 'soon to be available' a few months ago.

    I would also not be surprised if wealth could buy an advance supply.

    It will have to be 'safety tested' before the plebs get it, but then so was Champix. And Thalidomide.

    As you say, selling the rare commodity at a high price before releasing it to the commoners at a lower price is just good business sense. So is convincing everyone that there is an obesity 'epidemic' and that they are all fat.

    That, after all, is what the pharmaceutical industry is first of all. Business.

  2. Leg-Iron, I can't gainsay you one jot! Thanks for the comment!