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Monday, 27 February 2012

Deluded Posturing.

Could Apply To Almost Everything Political.

I'm quite proud of the header "Deluded Posturing" as I eschew the latest news items. First up is The Middle East. We are told with "deluded posturing" that the Libyan debacle was somehow most successful, whilst killing and virtual civil war still threaten those blighted oilfields. More deluded is the manner of the Afghan lost conflict. Whilst Karzai continues his Presidency of the CIA drug operation, American troops and personnel are being killed or maimed pretty well daily.

Note, nevertheless, how the deluded, long, teen style, haired siren of the Democratic Dick heads, trots premier class round the globe, offering delusional actions and postures in equal measure. There she is, along with Hague and the rest of the World's pathetic and useless leaders, whingeing about Assad and the Syrian killings. How delusional the announcements of how Syria is so different from Libya. Oh dear we can't get UN mandate for protecting this particular Nation of non-oil people. It's so terrible and the big bad Russians and Chinese won't back a military intervention order. Unlike the West, they understand "better the devil you know" where Arab tribalism exists.

More stupid delusion is if the pathetic cretins think many of us don't see the sleights of hand. That big bad duo may have interests in working with Assad but come on. We and the USA backed Bin Laden once, together with Saddam, against Iran. We blew the regime change in Iraq just as we are, or I should say, being trounced in Afghanistan. A catalogue of failure which still doesn't get the morons responsible to be held up to the ridicule they deserve. So tame and bought are our media sycophants.

Then there is the economic tsunami that hit back in 2008 and from which we are still reeling. Towering out of that wreckage, like the burnt out girders of the twin towers, is the EU financial meltdown. This incredible pillaging of the World's wealth goes on almost unchallenged. The major poker players keeping this game closely to themselves. The Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan types and their unhealthy practices, condoned by political partakers of this stupidity and greed for power, continue to push for ever greater bailouts of their fantasies.

The stupidity is breathtaking. The Snotty Brown mantra of no more boom and bust brought about a global delusion that somehow printed paper was all that was necessary to feed us all. The hand wringing today is about the IMF funding shortfall. One which, if not required to bail out the idiots in Brussels and The EU project, would be fine. 

Yet still the pompous purveyors of arrogant posturing strut their stuff, fight their pathetic military conflicts and pursue their failed policies, all the time truly believing in their own clothed perfection and style. Still, if we can't stop these fools we can still point at their nakedness and smile at their fallen "heroes" such as Strauss-Kahn! The only problem with that is who would want to look at Hilary Clinton and her ilk naked? If you are of that mind you get to view Lord of The Pies later. Now there's posturing in all its deluded glory!


  1. I wish one of the fawning media robots hanging on every word of Mr Hague would ask him WTF Syria has to do with us. Or Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq as well for that matter. Diabolical waste of blood and treasure when we're skint and have no democracy to speak of in our own country.

  2. 10-1 the UK will follow the US into some dumbasx adventure with either Iran or Syria.

  3. With you there, George. FI, likewise, they are that stupid!