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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Corporate USA...........

Corporate Fascism.

 I wanted to post an upbeat offering this morning but it is hard to do so as the New World Order and its EU section continue on its fascist direction. Still worth trying, though. This caught my attention this morning. Not least because it reminded of my heroine, the delectable Sarah Palin's Florida speech. What a different America we would have with a Paul/Palin duo at the helm!

Naturally the unholy alliances of the Oldrightie Troika of corporate, political and gangster cabals never lends itself to optimism. Yet whilst we have the internet as a resource, to discover daily the tons of mushroom compost tipped over us, we can have a smidgeon of hope.

Imagine if the Westminster punch up was only under the remit of the slavish MSM to tell us? Just stop and think of the BBC state controlled propaganda machine and its corporate friends at Sky. If all we had access to was that junk then hope would indeed be very hard to determine.

So as we look ever more downtrodden, manipulated and mushroomed, whilst the internet survives the least we can do is to prod the arrogant sh*ts in power, who consider themselves immortal. The Grim Reaper gets everybody in the end. At his call, your life gets examined, if only by you. I suspect most of my Troika crowd will not depart with a smile of contentment!


  1. Ron Paul is very correct.
    He and Sarah would make quite a ticket! I'm afraid we'll be stuck with Romney and whoever he is told to pick.

  2. You're right, AB, of course. The corporate reach is as deeply entrenched with both the Democratic and Republican parties. Same in Europe.

  3. Im just after reading that the Irish President will demand a referendum for any changes the EU may introduce to 'enslave' the Irish people. In his dreams the EU no longer does referendums he should remember what happen to the Greek PM when he demanded one.

  4. GS, indeed the Irish should remember you only get to vote the way you are told!