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Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Complexity Of 2012.

Fractured But Whole.

Our world is a vast place. The scale of everything beggars comprehension. To that end I question the globalisation of all activity and its flawed logic. These musings were brought home to me this morning whilst watching the nearest we mere little people have to a genuine news programme, Russia Today.

Each item was approached with healthy analysis and scepticism. For example it was highlighted that the Egyptian military are little more than Mubarak cronies. Logically the senior officers will have been appointed, as was discussed, over that 50 year rule. Ergo their "Governing" Council will comprise those senior military appointees and their administrative experience must be garnered from their decades old civil service and political operatives.

Evidence of this same face with a different public mask was shown in the continuing oppression, arrest and torture of many thousands daring to speak out. Sure, Mubarak had to be sacrificed but his pals still needed to cling to power.

In Syria we are witnessing a repeat. Assad may be toppled but only if his military appear to switch sides. In that instance the cronies will wield the dagger, "Et tu" style but only as a last resort to protect their power and wealth.

Back to RT. There was a fascinating piece with the Max Keiser feature. One example here, Greek tragedy. This morning was heavily occupied with the MF Global scandal and how those wrapped up in connivance of it are supposedly investigating how it stole so much and where the missing billions have gone. Ironically much of that cash went to the Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan coffers or should that read through!

The programme then went on to show how those really in the know as to the global financial debt mountain dwarfing Everest, are placing their cash into gold. This is, to all practical purposes, meaning the very rich, often from the very scams that have plagued the planet or political connivances, established a gold standard for the elite. The report described how the departure from an asset, gold based currency, allowed the swamping of economies with IOUs. Promises backed with future earnings and growth, allowing ever steeper tax hikes to fund past expenditure.

The feature then shows how, by fighting wars, these IOUs became ever less able to be redeemed. Only by seeking ever wilder and wider horizons to fund the sale of "financial instruments" could this pyramid selling, rob Peter to pay Paul, ponzi activity continue.

Unfortunately this globalisation of corporate and political connivance has come to a head. The EU project was meant to be a further creation which would allow this ignorant greed another massive vehicle to prop up the scam. Here we begin to see why The American establishment were, indeed are, so enthusiastic about a Federal EU.

However, Keiser, with wry humour and significant common sense uses the Greek tragedy to do the little boy's cry about the "Emperor", aka globalisation and debt, having no clothes. He speaks of the manner in which the Greek and other nations including the USA are being stripped of their sovereignty. They quote an FBI document calling those buying gold as terrorists! In this episode you get a flavour of the duplicitous degree of the globalisation, corporate/political joke that rules over us all. At least there is one sensible voice. As an aside, Snotty Brown's gold sell off madness crops up!

I therefore heave a welcome sigh of relief. In RT we have a more balanced and interesting variety of news. OK, it's not yet really mainstream media but if millions more of us go there to get our understanding we could wash the Western, Murdoch dominated propaganda away! Now there's a people led revolution to shake the new World Order. Along the way we get an education in the grotesque nature of the powerful, financial and utterly corrupt few who demand a Supra-Global structure alien to human nature.

Why that latter statement? We are a finite being on Earth. Our lives are short. We get just one shot at happiness. Only in small, understandable units can we influence our lives. This, of course, negates the ability to swell self-interested groups' greed for more and more of other peoples' lives. Global communications are one thing. Global slavery another. Change is coming but sadly the cost is enormous.


  1. Yes it's sad that we have to look abroad to find out what's happening in the UK. Our media seem to have just given up. Making up stories or omitting to report stories that they're not interested in ( asian grooming gangs etc).
    They don't seem to bother with the most basic research. A 5 minute call to a real defence expert or even a spotty aircraft spotter could have told the BBC that Spitfire's weren't 'Jet Fighters'.
    Or told the Daily Mail that the RAF doesn't have 'blackhawk' helicopters. We do have some black Hawk trainer aircraft though. They even photoshopped RAF roundels onto a blackhawk to show that they did lol...

    I used to wonder why our MSM never asked obvious questions but now know it's because they're not interested. It's not in their agenda.

  2. You're right, George. Our MSM is just an establishment mouthpiece. Mind you the Mail's court win made for an interesting resume of that snake Mandleson's corrupt behaviour. Of course, nothing will be done, since the EU Commissioners all have their own "Deripasky's"!

  3. Hi OR! RT is the most honest media outlet. I'm glad they are around to show closer to the truth of what is happening everywhere. It's really bad in syria, yet there's a double standard. I'm sick of all this crap, it's just the NWO agenda to get rid of people.

    Max Keiser is also on top of things, esp. related to the economies. I wish I would have bought lots of gold years ago when he said so, but I didn't have any money then, and don't now, oh well.

  4. Dear Bunni, what a lovely visit. Just as I sink into despair you pop up and infuse me to carry on!