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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


The New World Order Getting More Nasty And In Your Face.

The links,  worldwide, show the American influence over the obsession with a one world order. What is taking place in America is tantamount to a blueprint of legislative manipulation to suppress and disenfranchise. This in turn, leading to subjugation.

It is a blueprint embraced wholeheartedly in Europe. In order to implement the strategies violent thuggery needs to be harnessed to the armoury of State control. This is already accomplished in the USA. In The EU and naturally its smaller state of The UK, the forces are being quietly assembled. This Gestapo will make the Nazi fore bearers seem tame.

Interestingly the rise of global and in particular, Western, debt mountains is becoming a tool of repression for the Bilderberger ambition for dominance. naturally the lavish life styles of the Party members will never be affected. Their armed thugs will get the crumbs as a reward for their enforcement and ability to brutalise dissent.

Meanwhile, as we cower before penury and its violent enforcement the pals in high places will continue their protected and parasitic evils unchecked. After all, protest is but an irritant for those able to do this. They do, however need one hell of a defence force against those starving to death to fund the lavishness.


  1. I'll bet that aircraft doesn't have recirculated germs either.

  2. And we'll all be on Workfare placements soon. In camps.

  3. The forces of darkness are gathering over all the free world, while we all gawp at mindless TV. There is no leader waiting in the wings to save us: perhaps the legend of Arthur, resting in Avalon until he is needed, is ust a legend.


  4. Just remember - there are more of us than there are of them. Courage, anger and the desire to destroy them is all that is needed. I have two of those - the other I can acquire with the right drugs, and so can everyone else. We have nothing to lose. Don't live as a slave.


  5. Subrosa, it'll have Punka Wallahs! MF, we should be so lucky, arbeit macht frei. RSP, I quite like Michael Gove. David, I suspect that time will turn the tables but not before a lot of suffering has been endured by the masses, weaned off TV and celebrity culture.