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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Another Day, Another Crisis.

Whose Fault Is That Then?

This morning's UK news as seen through the eyes of the BBC Pravda was it's usual hand wringing crap. Unemployment at 2.68 million when we all know it's been well over 5 million since Labour decided, aided and abetted by Sir Humphrey, that sleight of hand was the way to go on Government stats. Same with inflation, CPI and so forth. I love the way the VAT increases "drop" out, as I see on everything I get an invoice for, one fifth of the cost is tax theft! Yet, heh, it no longer affects the figures even though it screws us just the same.

I digress. Further comedic value added entertainment came from Hartlepool. A young woman educated to the maximum level possible her brain can absorb,  is trotted out. Hard to determine, like the business editor, what she says except for the word like, like. Now I'm not in the business of slagging off those less fortunate, capable or intelligent. I am keen to show how successive politicians fail to accommodate the majority of citizens for whom intelligence was not in the genetic mix.

The time was when labouring jobs absorbed and fed the masses. I saw a film the other day of fish processing women slaving hard gutting and slicing fish by the ton. Sure it was dreary and tough work but it was work and it fed millions of us. Production was all that mattered. Be it machinery, machine tools, cars, aircraft, even armaments. Most importantly we had farm labourers by the thousands.

Then we moved to automation, computers and cheap imports. Our factory demands for labour declined and nobody cared. The Unions blathered on about it being dreadful the unskilled, ill bred work force were exploited.Yes they were but they had work. To compound the stupidity the powers that be also wanted a compliant, non-rebellious work force to cow and compete with the returning troops, after WW2. So we were blessed with the decision for the elite and wealthy of a plundered Empire to repatriate their ill gotten gains. Achieved  with the offer of passports, housing, being vacated by the home grown peasantry and untold luxury and wealth compared to the slums of Bombay and Karachi, mass immigration.

Little is ever spoken of Labours' gerrymandering over 13 years, either. Notices plastered in every UK Embassy offering easy passage to the benefits and cash for votes, life in the UK. Look at this paper from 2004 warning of exactly the consequences we now endure. Forecast and accurate reality!

The news then moved on to discuss that other great big scam that is the EU. That organisation's windbag factory is summed up in the glass piggy bank above. Even if the IOUs could be redeemed they wouldn't cover the ever growing pension liabilities of this talking shop. We worry about the UK's bureaucratic time bomb of pension provision. What about this totally unnecessary creation? Hundreds of thousands of quite useless functionaries and MEPs for goodness sake. 

The inability of the BBC to spin the chaos that is ostensibly Greece but in reality is this pathetic institution, was hilarious. Of course the fun and games does hide misery, deprivation and hunger right here on our doorsteps. However, the blame and responsibility for it all remains untold but increasingly understood. If the political and corporate unholy alliance is to be broken the EU must be the first real casualty. Just glance at this unbelievable page and see how  €147 billion is spent on hot air! Unsustainable or what?

A return to localised, Nationally tackled problems, using the many billions squandered on a failed institution of hubris and debt creation, would be a terrific start. If the major casualties were the bureaucrats and their undeserved pension pots would you shed a tear? Would you be upset to see The Kinnocks income reduced, the Mandleson ill gotten aluminium fortune slightly dented? Would you weep to see Rompuy selling matches in Brussels and Barroso filling wine bottles in Faro? Would you be sad to see them in a Nuremberg style court room having to answer for their association with crooked bankers and their equally bent corporate lawyers? Neither would I!


  1. 55,000 illegal immigrants from Turkey passed through Greece in 2011 but dont worry Dave & Boris want them to join the EU. Then it will be 55 million all on the way here.

  2. GS, hopefully the EU will crumble before Turkey enters the begging bowl shop.

  3. I see Iran have just announced a freeze on oil sales to Greece ( pre empting a plan by brussels to start an embargo in July )
    That'll help things along nicely :)

  4. You're right. Unemployment is over 5 million, with many more underemployed in part time jobs.

  5. Another nail in the UK coffin courtesy of our craven, shoe licking to the EU, traitorous government.

  6. George, I despair at the uselessness of our political classes, also highlighted by Jan M in her comments and link. Michael, at least it keeps the blackmarket, staffed with illegal immigrants.

  7. East Midlands Regional Assembly.
    Its been passed through because its EU orders this is their long term plan to rule the UK from these Assembly's all of course will be unelected.Part of their plan to get rid of Nation States.

  8. GS, Regional Assemblies were definitely an EU tier of administration for the fourth Reich! Though disbanded, I suggest they're parked ready for dusting off in the future EU required dictatorship.