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Monday, 30 January 2012

Writhing Brilliance.

Stubbornness Manifested.

Another week begins and another "save " the euro, EU, windbag opportunity commences. How many have we had since the EU banks, duped by the Yanks into purchasing worthless contracts for huge personal rewards, went to their political friends to save them?

These billion dollar bonus junkies were readily given huge injections of our grandchildren s' future prosperity fixes. Like any addict the immediate high was transitory. The political inadequacy of the equation was ignored. The arrogant superiority complexes massaged to the limit. Then somebody asked what now?

Still the stubborn blindness continues. In some ways watching this pantomime and useless, pathetic writhing of bodies fatally compromised by their own stupid behaviour is quite pleasing. Then you stop and consider the plight of the victims in all this nastiness. Greeks unable to feed their kids, pensions stripped bare and  economic wastelands growing throughout the diseased EU nations.

Naturally the luxurious meetings, private or luxury class travel, banquets, guards of honour and the whole plethora of sycophantic ego massaging carries on unmoved. You must question what it will take to show these muppets reality. They have presided over an economic defeat of once rich Countries, condemned Europe to decades of misery and decay and what's their response? More of the same only faster!

Note the trumpeting of European Courts having power to find against truculent States. Just imagine the hearing.

"Hungary,your Nation, struggling with austerity, poverty, huge debt and zero GDP have failed to control your liabilities to our statutory demands. Therefore we are to fine you everything you have left for centuries to come. You will, from henceforth be required to garrison 500,000 Russian troops to rectify your'e heinous crime of not being good Europeans. Your attempts to be loyal Hungarian people are not to be permitted. We demand as punishment you be forced to endure the occupation last experienced in the 19502s. What have you to say?"

A manacled, beaten and bruised, bloodied spokesman is hauled to his feet. "On behalf of the Hungarian people I commend...", pauses and coughs blood, "..this Court for its kindness in reaching this judgement. I am certain the Hungarian spirit of the 1950 will not be resurrected in the face of this fair and equable judgement. The provision of all requisites of the occupying force will be embraced. Our women will be first to offer themselves to the armies from the East, our menfolk willing to endure the slave labour camps and necessary celibacy to give the Siberian troop demands full reparation for their enforced absence from their homelands."

Such a future is the only outcome of the present ever burgeoning nightmare. The writhing is only in anxiety that their behaviour is discovered. Behind the scenes the freedom to blog such matters is being addressed. Either terrorism draconian laws will be expanded or new laws introduced whereby criticism of EU actions will be forbidden.

In summary, the stubborn adherence to the EU passion to destroy democracy will cause those of us not fully paid up members to writhe as payback for questioning the evil wringing of hands they are slowly being made to endure. Hateful, all of them.


  1. Aren't the Russians interested in leasing Scapa Flow once Scotland is independent?

  2. We might, at the moment, be in a better place than the Greeks and the rest, but we, too have been fleeced and fucked-over by corporate greed aided and abetted by grasping, foolish politicos. Our banks cocked-up bigtime with their customers' money, and all of us have to dib-up to rescue them, by order. There doesn't seem to be much to stop us from following on where the Greeks lead.
    Meanwhile, our unlovely legislators have, to quote John Redwood, bared their teeth to pressurise Mr Hester from claiming his contractual rights offered by ZaNu Labour backalong. Wow! I posted the response below on Mr Redwood's comments section, but it seems I could have saved my time, as, up until now, it's not appeared. Wonder why?

    What a shame our Parliamentarians don’t bare their teeth on behalf of their voters more often, then, if results can be shown so rapidly.

    Where are the bared teeth in relation to the billions of our money poured, against the majority’s wishes, into the bottomless EU pit?
    aybe the teeth that could be bared much more often than hitherto have been too busily engaged in the Members’ Dining Room, where our fearless, brave representatives have to struggle with un-stacked chips on their taxpayer subsidised plates?

  3. Hi, both. Demetrius, I'm sure Salmond has already secured his personal share of the carve up.
    Bullo, nice rant. Accurate too. However our MPs, in the main, are just lobby fodder to the Bilderberger/EU lot, so we have very little representation.

  4. And just think - there are some people in the MSM who absolutely love the EU! It's a funny old world.

  5. Michael, those are led by the same greed. A bigger stage from which to ply their tainted, fake goods. The BBC being the vanguard of willing traitors.

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