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Sunday, 8 January 2012

What's The Betting?

It Will Be  A Financial Tsunami.

These Labour diversionary games, for this was always the thought behind the bid, are as all the Games I remember or know about. Rather than a festival of sport they are a political enterprise on many different levels. In many ways they reflect the same hubris shown by the like of Bliar's in going to war.

Now, as in all political interference, contracts are available, quangos abound and quiet corruption dominates the whole set up. of course all this carry on will profit those favoured. However since public money is on the table the greed overcomes all else.

For the reasons touched on above it must follow that whatever the hype the games will be at a huge loss to the tax payer. The only question that may be hard to answer is will we ever know where the money goes? I suspect not. It will all be hushed up to protect the beneficiaries. Many will be from the old Labour Government, many from the present.


  1. Coe & Co should have been forced to personally raise & pay-for (out of their own pockets), every penny the "Games" exceeded the original winning budget.

    Just what part of "the Country can't afford them" do the politicians not understand.

  2. They'll be making a fortune, Joe. More impoverishment for the masses of course.

  3. I wonder what new gravy train Coe will jump on when the games end.

  4. Re slapping - what's her bottom like?

  5. Get Smart, some kind of quango or consultancy scam, no doubt.

  6. "Many will be from the old Labour Government, many from the present"

    Labour Government?

    I don't think they are quite there, yet. :-)

    Oh, I see, you mean they are as much involved in loot collecting as the last lot.

    Yopu are probably correct.

  7. You got their in the end, Old Codger! I don't really know how to describe the present Government. NotCon might fit.