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Monday, 16 January 2012

What Price?

Propaganda And No One Listening.

How do "they" sleep at night?

This little outpost  is like visiting a children's' TV programme in its overall atmosphere of "everything is just tickety boo". Contrast that with this  horrific cost.

I have blogged many times on the atrocious stupidity of being in this blighted land many, many times. Coupled with those thoughts and writings has been my take on the media's careless approach to news. A stricken cruise liner has dominated our weekend's chip paper outpourings and driven dreadful scandals off the front pages. Although you would think that Afghanistan is embargoed, wouldn't you. In some respects that would be better than just unfashionable.

Amongst those scandals is the inordinate despicable behaviour of the last Government's worst charlatans. Though towering above his fellow, morally devoid dwarves is Bliar, there are some very rich receivers of the blood money that sloshes around modern political goings on.

Of the cretins discussed in yesterday's Sunday Times "Kiddyfiddler Supremo" Mandy shared top billing with hoon of hoons, Hoon. Both men deign not to reveal who their "clients" happen to be. One thing's for sure, that willingness not to divulge "confidential" information is more than some arrogant "client privilege" excuse. Their incredible fortunes will be garnered on the back of their failed Government activities. These people, having wrecked the UK, now have the effrontery to hoover up as much of the blood money as they can.

Arms dealers, Taliban agents, money launderers and Russian gangsters are their bedfellows. Enabling this utterly disgusting behaviour are The Civil Service puppeteers. People just as devoid of any honour and perfectly prepared to sign up to the necessary PR management that allows mutilation, death and the untold agony that is war, to be quietly managed away from public interest and awareness.

As I am writing this post thousands of British troops are trudging the same weary, death filled sands of a blighted and eternally at war country. Their hardships are rewarded with a plethora of P45s and the forgetfulness of a public steered away from the sight of this treachery and neglect by Government.

As discussed, behind all of this awfulness those most responsible are coining it. We never hear of Reid, for example. He's too busy courting the despots funding "private" security armies worldwide. This the twat who said a shot would not be fired in Afghanistan.  Remember. This article mentions his £50k a year job. Bollocks, more like £500k. When bathing and wallowing in other peoples' blood you expect more black pudding than a piddly, for these demonic bastards, £50k.

So, there you have it. You can wallow in austerity, die in service or have your limbs and organs blown away. Those high and mighty ess aitch one tees, morally bankrupt, personally steeped in unimaginable blood soaked dosh, are laughing, or rather smirking, all the way to those banks they managed to save. As for the gullible sheeples, only those connected to our service personnel have the faintest idea of what's going on. 

Sure topping the Christmas charts was wonderful and not welcomed by the top Brass. However, note how the Wooton Bassett ceremonies have totally disappeared. Coincidence? I think not. Just one tiny little sleight of hand so beloved of Sir Humphrey. Not very nice, are they? 

All I can do is post and hope my words resonate somewhere, if only a tiny, tiny flame of "thank you" to those so treasonably treated. I don't see The Taliban as enemies of me. The urinating on their dead bodies was atrocious in the proper sense of that word. I'd rather see our troops urinating on the live but fallen bodies of politicians. That would be far more justifiable. Especially those greedily devouring more than their fair share of the world's dwindling resources.


  1. Your post has left me angry and in tears, OR. My daughter, a student paramedic, has been in attendance at Birmingham Airport, helping bring the badly injured off transport aircraft to the Military wing at the main hospital which was Selly Oak. (Always done under cover of darkness, it seems. Wonder why?) The thought of my 19y.o. daughter helping to save the life of an 18y.o. infantryman fills me with pride, but leaves the huge question of WHY? Why the returns home in coffins? Why the returns home with guts blown out? Why the returns home limbless, blinded or otherwise disfigured. The daily heroism of our armed forces is there for all to see, but the motives of those who send them into harms way totally defy explanation.
    A young man who I'm proud to have as a friend is leaving his comfortable home life, family and girlfriend next week to join the Royal Marines. I'm praying so hard that he will be spared injury or an early end to his promising life. But the signs aren't so hopeful, are they? If our forces leave Afghanistan, the disgusting slime politicos will do their arm dealer buddies bidding and find some other Shitistan hell-hole to send them to.

  2. Dear BulloPill your comment displays the worthy side of our nation's ordinary, unsung heroes including yourself. If only this cycle of elite stupidity could be broken.It can't whilst not one Party has a shred of decency in their upper echelons.

    Once we fought for what was right against identifiable evil. Now we are expected to fight hopeless immoral causes and to line the pockets of those who look down on us as they enrich the mushroom compost for their own benefit.

  3. OR,This is a very good posting indeed,but,you are preaching to the converted.There must soon be a way of making blogs,like yours and Dr. North's,read by more people,the sooner the better,or the battle will simply be lost.

  4. The guy in the picture looks pretty cheerful. Just shows the chracter of our soldiers. It's a shame we don't have politicians with similar qualities.

  5. DH thank you for such consideration and support. To compare my small efforts with the great Dr North is very flattering and I thank you.
    Michael, likewise and you are right. The real characteristics of strength and decency seem to be disqualifications for entering politics.

  6. I agree with what DH Boater said. :)

    As regards the cheerful appearance of Cpl. Tom Neathway, it is indeed heartening to see someone able to smile despite being so horribly maimed. I really do hope that he'll continue to enjoy life; the write-up about him in the Daily Wail seems to be positive enough. But I do wonder about the longer term. Dark depression simply must be an outcome of injuries like this.
    As a child of the 1950's whose own father served and was injured badly (postwar) in the Royal Marines, I remember only to well encounters with wounded ex-servicemen from the two world wars. Many, if not most, of them lived thoroughly miserable lives, despite the care and love of those around them.
    Today's loathsome politicos seem to value all this suffering very, very cheaply.

  7. BulloPill, the sad fact is that unless you suck the right backside your life is regraded as meaningless to our self appointed elitists. hence Mandleson's enormous wealth.

  8. @BulloPill

    "Today's loathsome politicos seem to value all this suffering very, very cheaply."

    I'm roughly the same age as Tony Blair but he obviously didn't immerse himself with WW2 boys own style comics as I did. I learned from "Commando"' "The Victor" et al that war is nasty and should be avoided at all cost. Jaw jaw not war war.

    History will hopefully judge Blair very badly.

  9. Anon, thanks for posting a comment. Nicely put but I would suggest not only history but presently his legacy is one of being despised in this very day.

  10. OR - Are you watching the Channel 5 programme which follows some of the Royal Marines in 42 Commando deployed in Afghanistan last year? Last Night's (first) episode at 9pm showed how very difficult the conditions are - the constant suspense of patrolling in the knowledge that the next step could be the last, the split-second decisions needed between slotting a Talib dicker or killing an innocent farmer or child, the loss of friends, the shithole outpost. What a contrast between the fortitude of these guys and the smooth deceits of our lying politicos. Next episode is next Monday. Ep 1 is available on catch-up:

  11. Hi, Bullo, I nearly missed this post! I'm a bit under the weather and missing lots of good stuff right now. We're recording this series for the reasons you mention.

  12. Sorry you're not feeling on top, OR. Hope you're not too far under the weather, and are on the way to recovery.
    The programme is tough viewing (watching it is bad enough, can't imagine the reality of being there) but essential. Disappointing that a mainstream channel couldn't take this programme and bring it to a wider audience. The one thing this documentary technique lacks is a bit of perspective. "Here we are, doing this job." But there's no sense of context, and nobody asks WTF are our military doing there in this great danger in the first place. Maybe that'll come later.