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Saturday, 7 January 2012


Idiots Are removed from Power.

Hoon of Huhnes  being at the forefront. Two  articles or indeed statements of rare accuracy, where the press are concerned, highlight the abject, hubristic, self-interested, educated stupidity of many individuals screwing us all rigid. Our nation is still plagued with the idea that if you are born into good status and have an education purchased for you, your imbecility can remain disguised. The confusing of education with intelligence is a dismal fact of our National character, in high places.

Herewith my letter to you.

Dear Mr Huhne,

During your less than tough existence where did you garner this character of such foolish stupidity? I doubt you ever read anything not deemed suited to your blind inability to discuss or debate anything not related to your own wealth, advancement and need to prove to yourself you are not as ignorant and useless as you know, deep down, you are.

I as a minion, a slave to the undemocratic, EU minor State you and your ilk have consigned me to, I have no voice. I must just observe in utter amazement at how totally daft and comic you and the EU crowd are. Sadly the amusing nature of watching ostensibly blind people stroll down the edge of a precipice is not so funny when I see how much you need to rob me of to pretend you can save the world.

I used to rant against your non identical twin brother, Snotty Brown but you are becoming a terrible replacement in the an(n)als (think about it) of historic profligacy. How on God's earth, not yours, do you believe you can somehow bend the future and the climate to your will?

The climate debate is absorbing and very interesting. Check out a source of intelligent discussion, one of many, you , in your arrogance and slavish adherence to the sirens of the UK and EU Sir Humphreys, cares not to consider. The real debate is not your King Canute self belief but how we should adapt to the changing energy and climate effects we endeavour to forecast but cannot predict.

Indeed you cretinous, ghastly, wife abusing, moronic thicko, if the planetary changes you say are anthropogenic why does nature and history show us otherwise. Your lot bought millions of pounds of salt for a winter you "decided" might be worse that the last. This small, inconsequential fellow said otherwise with a degree of prescience based on what is now considered science. I wasn't paid hundreds of thousands for this!   The physics  will be totally beyond your pea brain but hey, you have whole, expensive departments to help. Of course this is not where they deem it, in their hubris, to venture.

So I challenge you this, Mr Paul-Huhne, what's in it for you? A senior EU job or millions in cahoots with corporate climate change interests? Probably the combination of many things with the exception of one. The people you represent. The one thing politicians never really truly want. You probably don't recall a really great man, so I'll remind you. Two of many of his memorable quotes fit you like your Savlle Row tailors craft.

The main, less than admirable qualities of politicians.
"The ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen." 
Churchill's definition of a parliamentary candidate.
'He is asked to stand, he wants to sit, he is expected to lie.'

I may well feel the urge to write to you in the future. My hope is that it will be an HMP address. After all the evidence is growing that your lack of character is but another string to your Nero violin. Maybe this time that string will produce the noise of your bewailing rather than ours.

Yours utterly sincerely,



  1. Today's Torygraph erroneously reports "Britain's biggest science misconceptions revealed"

    The biggest, most-costly, scientific misconception is that Huhne believes in AGW.

  2. It's his personal profit he believes in, Joe.

    Did you like my picture!

  3. Did he respond to that lovely letter and invite you to tea, OR? I'm guessing not!

    Love the Churchill quote ;-)