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Friday, 6 January 2012

Temptation resisted.

In Favour Of A Better Blogger Than I.

I was looking forward to expressing my opinion of this ghastly woman. I wanted to query how such a moron could ever hold power and be allowed to scold a Nation long established before Africa was ever known about. I was looking forward to trying to get a handle on her wealth, her private education for her son hypocrisy and above all that her blatant racism. However it was so excellently presented by someone else I bow to their greater eloquence and direct you there. Very to the point.


  1. OR,if those remarks were made by a white person,we would never hear the last of it.
    Another thing,although the murder of Stephen Lawrence was ghastly and the perpetrators caught and sentenced,would the Police,the Courts and the newspapers have acted as they did if it was a white man murdered in a racist attack,of which,there has been many? Just a thought.

  2. Happy New Year, OR!

    Good link, too, that post was absolutely spot on - a lot of people will finally have seen her for the nasty racist she is.

  3. Dh Boater, thank you for your contribution. Compare the furore of the Lawrence case with this long forgotten and minimally recorded murder.

    Spidey, always a joy when you pop by! Thank you.

  4. Is it 'cos I is black?