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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Spoof.Or is it?

The Final Solution.

BBC Breakfast Report, 2016.

"The Labour led, tri-party coalition exclusively gave the BBC this latest Cabinet meeting information. Complete agreement was given to bolster the "Elderly Eviction Solution Force" in accordance with EU guidelines. Although the enforced eviction policy, to release accommodation for young, immigrant and ethnic community benefit claimants, was proving very successful, it was not keeping pace with demand.

Despite 400,000, mainly white, house blocking individuals being effectively removed from some 100,000 dwellings with more than one room, it was proving impossible to absorb the new EU quotas for homing those required to be moved from Germany and France. The Cabinet Minister For EU Deprivation of the British victors of two world wars, Chukka Umunna, told the BBC that his job was to ensure the homeless population demographics needed, to completely deprive all over 65 years of age, was fully maximised. He was speaking prior to taking up his post as Head of The German final solution programme meeting at Wannsee.

It was also made clear that EU article 65 did not, under any circumstances, apply to any immigrants arriving in the UK states after 1968. Preference was to be given at all times for the retention of housing for Mosque and Muslim gatherings. The Islamic EU Commission For Sharia Articles was to be given priority in all matters. In particular those that expedited the continual ethnic cleansing of The British Isles.

In an interview with the EESF General in Command, Abu Qatada he stated that the policies were proving most effective. Crematoria were operating 24/7 to cope with the streets and byways collection  units' clean up services. This whole operation was proving very cost effective. The sale of no longer needed gold, spectacles and in many cases wigs and shorn hair, were more than offsetting the EU taxation requirements central fund.

He went on to say that naturally  the rate of reduction in the white, elderly population, together with some, mainly Afro-Caribbean older people, was always slower in the summer months. Indeed, he went on to say, global warming was proving a problem, with the rate of discard fatalities some 1% slower than when the policy was first mooted in January, 2012.

The BBC would like to make it clear that this policy does not extend to Public Servants, EU propaganda officials and BBC news and auto-cue readers. Since many of these are of recent ethnic and immigration stock this exemption was relatively easy to police. 

On behalf of the London State Governor we have been asked to assure the public that this policy does not cause harm or suffering to any ethnic or Muslim communities when given the evacuated properties. All traces of previous occupants are completely cleansed. No trace of non Halal products, religious or right wing papers, kindles or computers is allowed to remain. Where necessary all new white goods, Wii consoles, luxury bedding and furniture is provided.

None of the replacement provision is at the expense of Government increase in debt. The Christian worship tax, white skin cosmetics levy and the EESF costs are all met from the immense savings on previous care for the elderly NHS cancelled services. Those legally permitted old age are able to live in sublime luxury from the surplus funds released under this policy.

The BBC would like to wish all of its audience under the age of 45 a very happy and peaceful year and Goodnight."

 News Flash.*
Wanted fugitive, the disgraced 87 year old selfish and rich survivor, Bruce Forsyth has been arrested in Southern Italy. A tip off from his young wife was given to EESF Interpol in Brussels. She is reported to have said her Muslim conscience could not allow him to remain at large and deprive the needy communities of Europe.



  1. Not funny...

    And don't give the bastards any more ideas!

  2. Once upon a time this could be seen as some kind of ridiculous dark spoof. These days it sends a shiver down my spine because we inch ever closer to a period when this is ever more likely. Any government official who feels he can vocalise such an idea as 'encouraging' the elderly to sod off out of their homes to make way for 'families', must either:

    a) be testing the response to a plan that has already been decided, along with all the necessary force in place to see it come to fruition

    b) be totally cock sure that he has the backing of a significant body behind him (you suggest the EU - I think you are probably correst)

    These terrorists are not just floating an idea on the wind. The next step in 'encouraging' the old out of their homes will be to slap the modern version of the Victorian window tax on them - a 'spare room' tax - or 'encourage' them to rent a room to an immigrant.

    Keep a very close eye on this development.

    I swear to God, sooner or later they're going to push someone into being the first indigenous suicide bomber in England.


    PS - Where did your post linking to your indepentent bloggers site go?

  3. This is not far from happening. Out here, I think the ever growing property taxes, and skyrocketing taxes and expenses are forcing long term homeowners into foreclosure. Then the vulture gov't swoops in with their programs, to "work w. the banks" & "making home affordable"..... code words to give the property to welfare spongers and illegals.

    Rough days ahead, I hope all my friends stay safe & secure.

  4. Micro, David, Bunni, you all share my fear that such a spoof is nearer to the truth than we'd like. I have to agree with you all wholeheartedly.

    David, Where did your post linking to your indepentent bloggers site go?

    You mean