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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Still Personal

Bloggers And Cynicism.

I have caught a chest infection. Relatively mild but still debilitating. I have played a minuscule part in searching for our missing friend, Alethea Taylor. Unfortunately a bug I was carrying didn't respond well to six hours yomping over last weekend. However I am experiencing something whilst very sad and emotional, is also sort of uplifting and full of hope.

I am seeing the full force of a spirit and decency so uncommon, if not non-existent in the overcrowded, run down, lost acreages of our larger towns and cities. This is one example of the breakdown, which is also seemingly generational. Yet one more example of the strains and stresses of overcrowding of our services and resources. What a track record socialism has.

Nevertheless, back to The Marches. The tragic disappearance of Alethea has consumed the area. Hundreds are searching voluntarily each day and receiving plaudits and accolades from The Police Officers on board. Indeed one DC has said to me quite forcibly how astounded she is at how the local, proper "community" is responding. Here the word community is not a euphemism for some poverty stricken, slum wasteland, blighting our cities and Nation.

Furthermore, the gargantuan effort being made by The Police is phenomenal. Not for us the bully boy, pseudo security enforcement, beloved of the riot police. The overwhelmed, under siege city centre ghetto, no go areas tasking the most dedicated Police Officer to remain honest have a long way to go before staining the rural areas. 

Our police searching for Alethea are part of us. Genuine policing for the benefit of all. Now why has that been lost elsewhere? Why is rural life so much better? Is it because the traditional British way of life is still pretty much intact? Is it the lack of crowding? Is many things not found anymore in the urban jungles? One thing is for sure, we don't like bull shit and are less tolerant of gerrymandering and enforced prejudices and positive discrimination. here the measure of a person is their contribution to others first and themselves last. 

Just one exception dragged in from the Cities. Political and bureaucratic greed and dubious practice. Guess what, virtually all originating from elsewhere and blown in without any care for decontamination of the diseases they import. They are looking to change our way of life. God willing they won't.


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon, OR. No doubt Mrs. OR loving care will help you with nice hot tea and soup. Get some rest, those infections can be bad for the heart too.

    It is encouraging to read that your community and the Police are coming together so beautifully for the wonderful goal of finding your friend, Alethea. I'm praying that everything will turn out well. God Bless.

  2. Bunni, blogging also often shows the better aspects of the world and its best people. Your kind comments prove it. Thank you.