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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sort Of Good News.

A Victory For Happy, Gay People.

Good as you. is said to be the origin of what I believed to have been the hijacking, for "look at me" homosexuals PR attitudes, of a hitherto rather pleasant English word for joyful. Notwithstanding the efficacy herein, the consequence of the issue is that using "gay" in its original context has slipped into disuse.

The preceding link, however, has caused me a wry smile this morning with the news that the other holier than thou section of our grubby Nation, Islamic fanaticism, has publicly clashed with the Chatterati agenda that decrees all things "gay" and all things Muslim, are sacrosanct.

To witness the squirming, when life fails to follow the self-righteous agenda decreed by those who despise normality, is of some amusement. Indeed when we see the failings of imposed thought and brainwashing damaged this way it gives us hope that natural forces may well hold sway in other matters.

Imagine the collapse of The EU having to be spoken of as a fact rather than a hidden, trillions of invisible sums of non-existent wealth, fantasy! As wry as I smile about these hate mongers, convicted of incitement to hatred,  Europhiles having humble pie force fed them would be a joy I dare not imagine. However I would break out of the grumps,  open expensive wines and dance for joy. I would be awash with gaiety and dance in the Village. I doubt I would be the only gay person on that occasion. 

Have a great weekend.


  1. I will not use the word gay to refer to a homosexual. If they need a euphemism, I will give them one of mine, and I have used many in my life.

  2. Brigham, no doubt you refer to many words and phrases. One of my favourites has an association with burglary!

  3. That was some good news. They should hang all the gay muzzies, and all the other while their at it. Just kick them out of the country too.

    Have a fun weekend, OR.

  4. Thanks, Bunni. Bit of a downer at the moment. Friend gone missing, Husband distraught, combing woods all day with search parties.
    Still great to hear from your lovely self.

  5. Oh, Dear, I hope your Friend has been found. Very sad news, I"ll keep them in my prayers.