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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Parliamentary Hit Man.

Martin Schulz.

One is often scoffed for likening the EU to the rise of Nazi Germany. Nevertheless the parallels continue to keep coming. The manipulated rise to "President" of The European parliament is one further example.

Here is a man once likened to Nazi "Kapos", concentration camp guards. Here is a man with all the sneering arrogance of those dark days in the 1930s. A relatively benign article on the man still mentions less than attractive qualities. These include his attitude towards his own burgeoning power base. 

"The European Parliament is the only directly elected institution in the European Union," he said in a recent newspaper interview. "From this I derive a broad responsibility for policy in the EU - even in those areas that national leaders claim for themselves."
He added that he was planning on joining the 27 heads of state and government at the next EU Summit - whether he was invited or not.

We all know how easily these MEPs gain office, not least from the apathy of the electorate. When you consider the words from 2003 spoken of Schulz by Berlusconi, "Berlusconi told parliamentarians the bearded, bespectacled German politician would be perfect in the film role of a "kapo" - a prisoner who worked for the Nazis in concentration camps."  then the alarm bells should at least ding in our minds.

The article attempts to be observational but still cannot disguise the man's nature. When such nasty individuals worm their way into power then the parallels with 1930 Germany get ever more apparent. That this man is of that stock is eerie.

However this thin but growing vein of nastiness, dressed up as reasonableness, is not confined to the Schulz ilk. The oh so reasonable argument, trotted out by The UK Government this morning, sent a chill down my spine. That was the decision to target your home and any rooms deemed to be unoccupied. Despite our overwhelmed infrastructure, deliberately caused by crap Government nastiness, in gerrymandering immigration, ever more desperate measures are being trailed. The BBC Chatterati giggled their way through this puff piece in the belief they will be above all this.

The crux of it all is the  less young are to be vilified and hounded over their longevity and despicable hoarding of a life time of trying to build some security and wealth. That freedom is now no longer acceptable to the Gestapo that is Government today. Trust me, this crazed, Stalinist thinking is the tip of the iceberg.

I see a future where babies will be taken away at birth to be "assessed" as to their likely value added contribution to the Sturmbannführer EU bosses. Unlikely? Just check out the millions of blokes in China unlikely to ever see a young woman in private and you get the gist.

If only people would stop and look at what's happening. It's not the ravings of an old fart. It is the ever more visible history repeating itself issue of human existence. For years bloggers have sounded the alarm. A small but not inconsequential medium traduced by the corporate interests bent on forming and making opinion, at the whim of Media moguls and political propaganda outlets.

I do despair and posting helps to divert and assuage my frustration and anger. Many of the issues won't be too damaging to my life, possibly. However anybody who has a jot of aspiration can easily see that their very ambition might well mark them out for re-education, unless they are born into the ruling class. The new education academies will quickly become room 101s!

I must off to count my empty rooms, I'm sure I could happily share with a few hundred of the world's least pleasant individuals. Clean up after them, feed them, give them spending money. Bail them when they mug those deemed as sport and fair game. If those victims be white and elderly, then they might well get a bonus added to their welfare payments. Mind you aren't I paying for much of this already? Just not enough I suppose. "Heil Schultz, heil Shapps, death to the selfish old 'uns".

                                    Note in the clip above how these people seek to ban criticism.


  1. OR, In times gone past,you would have expected that a Tory Government would have supported the passing on of wealth,but this is not a Tory government.Our real government is,as you know,in Brussels and they seem hell bent on destroying us. The reason why we have a housing shortage is because our government keep on bringing in immigrants,one day,one very fine day, the people of this once great country will realise what has been done in their name and will act accordingly.I also hope that includes piano wire and lamposts!