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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Over In America.

The Waters get Ever Muddier.

This piece referred to me by a blogging friend highlights how little we ever really know as to the dark secrets those in power share. I have always believed blackmail to be a weapon of choice employed to drag Bliar into Iraq.

Security services are becoming ever more armies prepared to condone torture to garner power and influence. Our very own Jack The Lad a supreme example. He'll  know where the bodies are buried and a great deal of how poor Dr Kelly was murdered.

We often consider New World Order shenanigans and probable conspiracies. However the Internet is beginning to show signs of struggle even at the Bilderberger level. Islamic and other interests may well fear a Global Governance by a Jewish led cartel and not like the idea at all. The Chinese, Indian and Russian Governments will also not like the way and direction of travel of the post Second World War planners for a Global Government.

Since all these interested parties will have massively funded secret services one might ask if that's one of the major sponges soaking up world production. Certainly we are seeing a continual merging of corporatism and politics. However if those developments keep polarising, then again we can see a bottomless pit of disagreement and little chance of a contented world. Sucks, really, doesn't it?


  1. Well put, OR. It's a real nest of vipers, all conspiring, from YEARS back to set things up the horrid way they are today!

    It sure does suck, that's true. That first link brought this to mind:

  2. Hi, Bunni, many thanks for your kind words and the link.