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Monday, 23 January 2012

Next Time.

Some Crap Politician Preaches At You.

I have often said here that there is so little we ever get to know about the very nasty, fetid corridors of power. We guess, speculate and blog. Often our anger gets to focus on the expense claim rip offs, the cosy meetings and the corruption. Yet it seems that the methods employed, to nullify and stupify, remain secure. Rarely, except in cases such as the death of Dr Kelly, do we get a whiff of  the secret services  and their blind loyalty, regardless of any human decency.

So when a follower forwarded me a link, I was amazed how firstly this despicable act was done, ostensibly in our name and secondly how so little reaction ensued. There we see the suppression in action. Much as when the Nazis managed a genocidal evil under peoples' noses. This is the terrible act and is written with regard to the death of someone we should be lauding, honouring and holding up as a beacon against the almighty and powerful.

Tell you what, let's, instead, make Peers of The Realm like the Kinnocks, the Prescotts, The Goodwins and so forth. People more likely to toe the line, pawn their consciences  and feed from the depravity of cruelty for a common purpose.

That purpose is greed and sheer nastiness. Beyond evil, if that's possible. Where such people are to be found, I think it is possible. For sure it lurks in Brussels and the web of global, corporate and political ambition.


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  2. OR, Ithink one has to be very careful when reading John Pilger. He does come up with some very thoughtful reports,but,he is a very well known left-winger pushing for a left wing society,which,is the same as the fascism he is deploring.

  3. SW, thank you, I'll check it out. DHB, I take your point wholeheartedly but that article is totally factual in the main. Indeed a shameful act.