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Monday, 9 January 2012

The More Things Change.

The More They Stay The Same.

This early 2012 Monday morning I am minded to take stock of the world, The UK and the state of everything generally. The picture is from here and serves to highlight my mindset this day.

All my adult life I have been aware of the shadowy senior figures behind Government. Until the early seventies these were mostly influential, Whitehall based, Oxbridge King makers.The Sir Humphreys' inner circle of patronage, subterfuge and as ever, self-interest. A club every bit as clique based as the boardrooms of big business and banking corporations. Ordinary men and women were the exception not the rule in these heady but immoral circles.

It is fair to suggest that today little has changed. With one major exception. These cliques now include the whole strata of European bureaucracies and Global corporations. From the despicable corruption of councils  to the dizzy heights of the European Commission, the self serving is a machine of awesome efficiency. Unfortunately this administration of massive corrupt practices is not mirrored in its development of decency and prosperity for those footing the bill for their lavish self protective lifestyles.

One upon a time it was thought that council corruption was somehow out on its own. Of course it is just the more local manifestation of the West's global claws that not only now but for decades has dominated every nation on the planet. If anything has changed it's just the spread of the cancer.

Karzai in Afghanistan, The Saudi bribes for Western support of a terrible regime, Libya now as bent as when Gaddafi ruled. Iraq swapped one family for a multi-national ruling bunch of crooks led by the placement, Talibani. Drop the letter "I" and look what you have!

So my theme of nothing changes could go on. I will finish with one final musing. The Boy Dave has been everywhere this last weekend. Just like his predecessors, a manic publicity and PR blitz. The sum total of which is zilch, nothing, sod all. We will go on being shafted, robbed of any earnings and subjected to a plethora of bureaucratic dominance. Our soldiers will continue dying for nothing, our civil service will get ever more less civil and those lucky enough to be in the "club" will live lives we can only dream of.


  1. It does get worse by the minute, and your painting up top illustrates how they want things to go!

    Anyway, it is Monday, another start to another week and things just circling further down the drain.

    Also, look what some slimes are up to on Facebook, I retweeted just now. I don't even type up their name anywhere, it's scary!

  2. Thank you, AB. You're up early!

  3. Yes, these days the schedule has changed a bit! You're always a lst read, OR, and twitter ;-)