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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Love Your Pension Pot?

Kiss It Goodbye, Then.

Here's where it's going. The shortage, indeed total lack of tax revenue to prop up the EUSSR, means they're looking everywhere to steal from you. Speeding tickets ramped up, parking charges, VAT soon on everything. All that on top of income tax, flight tax, carbon tax, environmental crazed ideas tax. Even then there's never enough to even touch or assuage the voracious, tape worm demands of this sick monster.

As for The UK Government. Spineless apparatchiks happy to secure their pensions and perks by kow- towing to the EU. This latest scam to thieve the remaining pension holdings is an identical method employed by Snotty back in 1997. Dress it up to look like a theft from the better off and the financial companies, the same cretins saddled with the sole blame for the scorched earth methods of politicians and their buddies. 

These robberies go on and on. The main victim of course is always the UK. The ghastly scum,  such as this git, strut their pompous mantra and loathing of The UK and the English in particular,  in tirades that would land them in prison for racism, if it were aimed at Asians. The embedded Civil Service and Trades Unions all form part of a treacherous, socialist cabal of sheer, venomous evil. Constantly certain of their own generous rewards from the grubby palms of their EU masters. Note Bene.

Whilst the EU Nations, whose inability to pay for the membership of the Merkozy club, suffer the endless cruelty of this organisation, those with funds still left in housing equity or pensions are to be raped, at a metaphorical gun point, to extract the dosh needed to pay for the life styles of private jets and corruption. I'm pretty sure Berlusconi invited many of his Brussels cronies to his partying. Just as the EU quietly ignore the likes of Mandleson's nefarious use of boys from Brazil, so anything they do is regarded as OK. Just not for everybody to share.

As for our own, home grown, bunch of pathetic morons. Where does one begin to make them listen, make them open their eyes to what their treasonous, either gullible or paid for, acceptance of this nightmare, is taking an ever increasingly aware population? Day after day new, ever increasingly petty statutes are slavishly accepted and piled on our miserable, slave like existence.

Environmental issues rammed down our throats by limo and jet travelling elites. 4000 bloody German vehicles for the Olympic trough brigades. Not even UK manufactured, for God's sake. The poorer we get the richer the politicians and EU Commissars seem to be. Summits of lavish banquets, parades and junkets. We see nothing of the behind the scenes bunga bashes, do we. Bet they're identical to anything Caligula dreamt up.

I suspect there is a Commissioner for procurement for these underground brothels, dedicated to the EUSSR Commissars delight. I always am suspicious of the lack of effort to crack down on people trafficking bar the odd heavily publicised raid for appearances sake.

All of this, of course, has always been the way. That we are supposed to have learnt from history is a joke. Unfortunately, as sick as it all is, it's no match for how ill and destitute we are all to be. I wish I could see a happier future. One where this monolithic EUSSR and pre-cursor to World Government was broken up. A future where those responsible were made to pay. Perhaps not with their lives but at least the penury they are consigning us to endure. Fat chance whilst we entertain the spineless bunch that rule over us. 

The Civil Service and Westminster. An unholy alliance of smug know it alls because they have a few secrets among themselves we are not allowed to be privy to. Well, the way we are headed, many of those idiots will be passed over for a predominantly Franco-German staff. They are handing over the UK on a plate expecting generous benefits. Such is their arrogant blindness and sycophancy they can't see that their treason is a matter for quiet mirth to the Merkozy set. Well, if we stay in The EU, they'll find out eventually. 


  1. They should be careful, or soon people like us will have nothing to lose by going completely insane.

  2. Michael, I know exactly what you mean. Is that the plan?

  3. @Michael

    Is that insane as in "homicidal"?

  4. @Sean - I was being deliberately vague.

  5. Where does one begin to make them listen, make them open their eyes to what their treasonous, either gullible or paid for, acceptance of this nightmare, is taking an ever increasingly aware population?

    I don't even bother writing to my MP any more because I get the stock propaganda answer and nothing will change the mind of my eurofanatic MP.

    Not much point in trying to make them listen, OR. They're not going to give up a modicum of power unless forced to; we're going to have to prize it from their grasp.

    Tories can fight that battle within their own party (good luck with that) - if they're smart, via grassroots rebellion and MP rebellions).

    The rest of us have to use whatever tools are at our disposal.

    The easiest strategy that everyone can employ is "starving the beast"; starve the corporations which drive our governments, put up prices and regulate us into oblivion.

    Once the corporations start falling, the government has to shrink.

  6. The bastards may regret their attempts to reduce alcohol consumption. For a drunk population is an easily fooled & controlled one. The worms must turn eventually, but when they do, I think there's not enough piano wire in the world to dispense justice to these traitors.

  7. They don't seem to have grasped the basics. We don't have the money. Not even collectively.

    Most of it never existed in the first place. It was just numbers on a banker's screen.

    So even if they take everything from everyone, it won't be enough. We owe more money than exists.

  8. Sean, all forms, I suspect. Fausty, so hard not to wish them harm, isn't it? Even harder to starve the beast but we have to try. Ed, were the worm to turn, and it just might, I hope their minions will side with justice, not succumb to the Statists. Ed, it would be nice if the Westminster crowd drowned in the cheap booze they force us to pay for. Leg-Iron, thanks for posting. You are quite correct, numbers on a screen. Time for bartering to come back. That'd shake 'em up, big time. Not least because of their lack of skills and common sense would put them out of harm's way.

  9. They really are lower than slug slime. They don't listen to anyone, and would steal their own mum's last penny!

    They are the same out here, more and more and more taxes, it's obscene. Really makes me mad, to say the least. Something has to give one of these days, and it won't be pretty when it does. Hang in there.

  10. Thanks, Bunni. Who's your wish for the Repub Nom? Paul/Palin for me!