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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Little Did We Know!

When Undergoing A Military Recruitment Medical.

I guess young people are far too busy being young to take much notice of the world around them. Certainly few would entertain visiting here. However they do have greater opportunities to learn so much these days about how the past shapes the future. They also have, what were for we less young, unimaginable  freedoms for travel and life per se. Nevertheless they are still vulnerable to modern manipulation and persuasion as we all are.

Here I'm referring to homosexuality. The Church's record in child abuse scandal and its predominantly male orientated evidence towards boy rather than girl child abuse is a matter of record. An uncomfortable truth.
In this matter the promotion of gay priests, or anyone else for that matter, of their sexuality is something I find unpleasant.

Live and let live, sure. Yet I reserve the right to determine who ministers to my vulnerable faith. It's hard enough to have faith. The blatant posturing of inadequate minorities is not welcome. So all this furore and less than savoury whingeing from attention seeking prima donnas hacks me off.

Give me the simpler life of yesteryear. Though being legislated as a crime was a ridiculous matter, the change in the law has caused that political inevitability. The law of unintended consequences. Look at the fitness of the young men above. Then ask yourself what the hell happened to turn us into the podgy lot we have today?  Too much emphasis on minority rights and not enough consideration as to the consequences.

When the doc said bend over and lift your shirt up you didn't even stop to consider the entendre. You'd be daft not to these days. Still when you have that hero of the MSM, Mandy lauded as somebody special you know the rot is so severe, the building has little time left before it topples. Of course the homophobic lot will scream abuse, just as the climate sceptic tactic is shouted at those looking for reason. Doesn't change reality, though!


  1. OR,you are sooo right.When I was a young lad,being gay was being happy.Now it's a distortion of the English Language thanks to the likes of Mandlesbum.

  2. The dark lord, viewing porn and doing all sorts of other nasty things? Oh what else would we expect.

    I don't get these gay priests and clergy. They are supposed to follow the Bible. The Bible clearly says that homo stuff is an abomination, and very very bad.
    Those pervy priests are going to hell for sure, along with all the politicians.

  3. Total agreement.

    The white, Christian, heterosexual, male is now an endangered species.