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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Just In Case.

You Think I'm Always Meldrew Like.

Those aspects of my life blighted, miserable and degraded are always those brought about by government and politicians. I climbed the steep path of life from very difficult beginnings. I thought everybody did or tried to do the same.

I had few breaks but made the most of those I had. I fought nastiness, snobbery, difficult personal issues and so forth. Just like everybody else has to. I'm not special, indeed no one is unless they care for others properly. Caring for others in the modern age doesn't seem to fit the globalised models of greed and selling, selfishness and unpleasant attitudes, so prevalent.

I digress. I have a wonderful home, wife, dog, friends and a more than a good income. Unfortunately Gordon Brown and the politics of envy beloved of socialism, the Sir Humphrey passion to control everybody and the fundamental inadequacy of the ruling moronic classes have spoilt much of my carved out effort to be secure. Every corner of my life clashes with the despicable interference of those who arrogantly think they know better all the time.

This inability to escape taxation burdens, where fairness has never ruled, is a constant debilitating issue. Rich enough to minimise those effects today needs circa £100k net, not gross income. We poor buggers, well above the level where you neither care or bother, the feckless and lazy, the laissez faire the unintelligent benefit, socialist gerrymandered set, we foot the bills for the rest. 

A rest which includes the subsidised Westminster crowd on their inexpensive but cordon bleu menus and fine wines and beers on the cheap. This smug bunch of EU muppets drive me witless. 

Whilst telling you I'm reasonably happy with my lot I inevitably succumb to the dark anger the pathetic elitists drive me to. My beautiful home, fishing with my neighbour, raising funds for the Church and the village. A life that in the main is idyllic is tarnished and battered by those supposedly there to protect and nurture us all for the good of all.

So, in summary, I write daily to vent my spleen at the damage the ignorance of Government causes. The destruction of pensions, homes and  National identity goes on regardless. The drive towards ensuring a New World Order gets to dictate when we defecate, urinate or even die, pisses me off. This micro managing by Government and the lying, cheating, globalised fraud, perpetuated every second of every day, deprives all of us, from the most to the least able, of any chance of contentment.

I curse them all and demand of them shame for their uselessness and totalitarian passion. In the main they are inadequate, envy ridden thickos like Lord, (Lord, I ask you) of The Pies, Prezza. I don't need to mention Snotty or Bliar and the rest of that motley crew. I needn't touch on that nightmare that is the Brussels coterie of excrement. Possibly worse than all of them are those who should know better. Cameron, a privileged and on paper, perfect candidate to be a great Prime Minister. Yet he is so weak and ineffectual against the Sir Humphrey crowd and their partners in crime in Brussels.

The more I think about it the more I realise the only period in my life I felt good about politics was when the Nation was run by a housewife. Time we had another one! Mrs OR would be magnificent!


  1. I feel the same OR. It's like - stop the world I want to get off. It's like I don't want to suffer at the hands of these fools (politicians), robbers (large corporations & councils) and thugs (Police, any government authority or organisation).

    I could emigrate but where would anything be any better?

    I'm a very positive person but the way the world is, is depressing at times.

    Onwards and upwards!!!

  2. And what sickens me is that the mainstream media supports all this!

  3. Well, if Mrs OR's garden is anything to go by - our schools and railways will be a doddle.

    How anybody can see the likes of Clegg and Miliband as leaders is beyond me - I suppose you don't have to be that great to be a puppet.

  4. Tedioustantrums, I doubt you're ever that!
    Michael, that issue of the MSM remains a dreadful mystery, world wide.
    BJ, as ever you are most kind. Her prowess as a human being goes far beyond her garden! She genuinely cares for people deserving of it.

  5. Few words are needed,

  6. Oh dear, I put AOL within arrow head brackets and the blog dropped it.

    That was the word, AOL

  7. Old Codger, whatever, thanks for dropping by.

  8. Extremely well said, OR!

    I know you or the Mrs. would be WAY superior to what's destroying England at the moment. It's totally depressing.