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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Judas Money.

An EU Strategy, Every Time.

Here's how the EU functions. All is never what it seems. Richard and the delightful Ms Synon sort out this particular piece of work. For me it is the relatively minor players who are the slowest to see the profits to be made out of betrayal.

The big guns, in their arrogance, epitomised by the EU Commissioners, do their betrayal behind securely locked doors. Only the tiniest of glimmers from the blogosphere are visible in the odd wood shaken door.  Naturally, these cretins have an army of bureaucrats purely to trawl any activists, agitators or disciples, if you will, ready to whisper promised rewards.

For the politicians such as Clegg, a man already draped in an Iscariot gown, the siren song has long lulled him to slumber. If the little creep stopped for a second to realise how cheaply he sells poverty, death and despair, in return for his strutting hubris to be briefly noticed, then his next place of rest might well be found beneath a Cercis. I would gladly supply a three legged wonky stool.

Of course, in a spirit of fairness, the likes of Clegg and the Merkozy twins, don't try to hide their federal ambition. So in some respects the title of Judas might be more fairly placed elsewhere. The number 10 springs to mind. Now there's a Tardis of plotters and traitors. I can just see rows and rows of desks and posh suites throughout Whitehall. Above every desk the portrait used to head this post. A visual and powerful image of how such people are required to behave. A gentle, whispered caress that leads to slavery and if you don't comply, the already whispered solution.


  1. Are you being unfair to Judas?

  2. I'll grant you Christ's forgiveness of Judas was more than our unmentionables deserve, Demetrius!

  3. Don't forget:

    We're going after them.