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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's All So Very Sad.

National Life Sucks.

Though nothing new ever occurs it still does not mitigate the state of our lives in this so called modern world. 
 Raedwald posts most eloquently this morning and I would like to add my tuppence worth.

Austerity and pessimism abound. As the deluded hubris of the political and corporate moronic greed dominates, my optimism, for better things to develop, hits rock bottom. The latest ghastly mistake that is HS2 serves only to remind me of the EU's dominant grip of totalitarian awfulness. This project, just as all others under Government largesse to their cronies will be way over budget. I suggest that the £32 billion will treble through unseen costs and bungs.

Furthermore we have the unedifying spectacle of The EU, regardless of the catastrophic debt and failure it wreaks upon us, it remains all powerful. As the Greek people feel the unnecessary hardship their membership causes they are just a blueprint of what's to come. Just as public opinion is ignored on capital punishment, immigration and many other impactful failures of the ruling classes, so the march towards this Orwellian prediction continues.

The Occupy movement has been ridiculed and vilified, descending into directionless chaos. The Arab spring has turned into a stew of Islamic mayhem and corruption reigns supreme. The unwinnable war in Afghanistan drags on as tainted by inaction by politicians as it is blighted by death and destruction.

How puerile and unheard are our voices. How depressing to watch daily the very people behind our travail strut their stuff with a pompous uncaring superiority. Their luxurious life styles are immune from the causes and effects demanded by the very same failings that condemn millions to no more than an existence. 

I hate my pessimism. I so long to write of a Churchillian figure capable of showing there might be a better way. A leader totally attttuned to the resentment post war politicians, mainly socialists, have created. I long for someone in power to shout and fight against the Bilderberger drive towards a Global Government. One which will consume us all into even greater slavery. Automatons stripped of any soul or humanity. That vision is one of a living hell.

  “You must love Big Brother.  It is not enough to obey him; you must love him.”  O’Brian tells this to Winston as he begins the final stage of Winston’s rehab into submission of the Party. 



  1. It's the reason why I got no blog. I can take a three month sabbatical at any time, away from the madness of the world and no-one misses me.

    How bloggers like yourself can keep putting themselves through the never ending misery of the modern world is beyond my comprehension.

    A month or two blog surfing and I just want to kill them all with extreme prejudice.

    How you can write on it every day without going for the rope remedy is something I can't grasp.

    As for the appearance of a reincarnated Arthur, it's not going to happen. Things will slide remorselessly to the bottom, possibly picking up speed along the way and, I suspect, in 50 years time England will be totally unrecognisable. As will the USA and the rest of the Anglosphere.

    Fortunately I'll be a long time dead in that timescale. As it stands now, that doesn't seem like a bad deal.

  2. Xen, many thanks for the comments. I totally follow your feelings and I to would love to escape. My drive is for possibly making a small difference. If several bloggers were to enter the public's awareness, as in some ways Paul Staines achieved and take over the narrative so badly done by the MSM something would be achieved.
    I'm not holding my breath!