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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Iran, You and Me.

Because, As Ever, We Mugs Have To Pay For It.

The propaganda rolls on. Always with the undercurrent of the politics of fear. Violence and hatred is perfectly acceptable when done in the name of "Government", otherwise supposedly wrong. So draconian, undemocratic laws flow from State edifices. Most are unnecessary and frequently useless. Virtually all are for the benefit of those in power and to the detriment of their people.

Add the utter bilge spouted by the politicians with regard to "policy" and the madhouse looks ever more a place of contented reason. So it is with Iran. You and I would probably make peace with and be friendly with any other human being who was polite and open with us. Sure we are witness to horrors perpetrated by our nominated enemies. Those nominations done with all the pomp and posturing of Oscar ceremonies. Naturally the evil done by our so called bosom pals is quietly ignored.  One of the few uncovered. There are thousands and thousands more.

The Taliban's fierce clinging to old traditions offends our sensitivities. Yet are our atrocities cleaner for some reason? As for other cultures' ways, when I witness the debauchery, drunkenness and sick depravity raging this Land, who are we to lecture others?

So to Iran. The fear in high places and washed down to us minions is they might gain a nuclear weapon. Well, Pakistan, North Korea and other volatile states have them. Interestingly the ownership of weaponry by wary, oil rich but independently minded regimes is seemingly anathema to the rich and powerful. Perhaps partly why we fought decades of cold war with the Soviets and were less than friendly with China, once.

So as Obummer and his lickspittles in Europe rattle their already rusty sabres at Iran, ask yourselves this, why? I am at a loss how crap our erstwhile diplomacy is. Our inability to nurture their ambition for self defense is stupid. Why not a relationship such as that with Saudi Arabia? 

Surely if we discuss the deterrent factors pertaining to  nuclear weapons  their possession is as little consideration as is our own. Or is it yet again that arrogant though unjustifiable belief that somehow our lot know best? A superiority complex ingrained in the DNA of our front men and women that causes us to be so despised by others?

If the nuclear nightmare does ever kickoff the behaviour of our lot of pillocks in the Hormuz straits will be significant. The idea that somehow right is on the West's side is a pure illustration of my arguments. Incredible that EU sanctions will impact he Greek economy hardest, down the road. Nose and face there, methinks. As John Donne advised metaphysically, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls". Our weak and immoral leadership cowards are too deaf to the cries of war dead, to know there is even a toll.


  1. How has it ever come to this?

  2. Are you sure you are a human and not an Artificial Intelligence?
    I must admit to "strong drink having been taken", but I can't see where you are going with this article. It rambles but seems to have no destination.