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Friday, 13 January 2012

I'll Try Again.

To Be Positive!

Yesterday I tried to sound a positive note but still deteriorated into a tirade against our so called peers. So this morning I thought I'd try again.

I caught a brief snippet of Michael Gove being interviewed by the usual BBC leftie auto cue reader. Firstly Gove was trailing a "get rid of poor teachers" initiative. Since the last Government courted and paid so many to teach based solely on leftie credentials, I consider the latest proposals as purely doing something to redress the soviet style placement of decades.

The thrust of my post is to be positive and this new education policy is reasonably dealt with  here.  I just wish to say how well Gove stood up to the desperate attempts by the BBC bloke to get personal notoriety for blagging the Minister. Gove marmalised the arrogant sod beautifully. A rare good start to the political day.

However is it any wonder our nation is so low in the Global pecking order when decades of socialist soviet style meddling in kids' heads has been allowed to continue. Even Bliar said comprehensive education was a, circa thirty year long, failed experiment. During this period many teachers of dubious character have been allowed to influence youngsters.

These poor quality people dressed and still do, as if they are dishevelled, homeless, grubby tossers. Suggestive behaviour with pupils, spliff sharing and worse, are actions rife in many schools. Mainly urban and run down, overcrowded establishments. As for role models, just look at this individual with a group of youngsters. Just one small example here.

So here is a tiny whiff of optimism. Take this further and demand of teacher students as well as currently employed and qualified, high standards of dress and hygiene. Ensure that part of their assessment is not only excellent discipline in the classroom but personal standards able to lead and encourage the same in their pupils.

Perhaps jacket and ties is too far. However sloppiness and dirty appearance ought to be a dismissal matter. Similarly, provocative clothing in young female teachers has to be a no no. Indeed the same approach should also apply to pupils themselves. This sixth form dress as you like is a nonsense and uniforms should be worn until leaving school for University.

I appreciate this all sounds just an old farts raving. Look deeper and you see that if the quality of wool being used to knit a jumper is sub standard you wont get a finished garment to be proud of. Too many teachers today are incapable of using fine wool.


  1. OR, if I remember rightly,The Beal was a girls grammar school in the 50's and 60's,it was a well sought out one at that.How times have changed and, not for the better either.When us boring old farts are no longer,who will remember the good things that happened in the past,the things that made us proud.

  2. "When us boring old farts are no longer........"

    I suspect the Orwellian project will be near fulfilment in the next 20-30 years, D.H.Boater. Still the likes of Stripograms won't be around either!

  3. I see a problem - the cunning but useless teachers will smarten themselves up, but they'll still be crap teachers.
    My (admittedly distant) memories of schoolteachers are about what they imparted - the good ones could have turned up in swimwear for all it would have mattered to us - we were hooked on their knowledge. The bad ones were derided and ignored anyway.

    Getting rid of the union "pilgrims", presently infesting schools, would be a start. Removing the "politically-correct" parts of the curriculum would also allow good teachers to fulfill their own & their pupils potential.

  4. Ed, I take your point. However if nothing else is imparted the kids get to take some pride in their own appearance if they follow suit.

  5. When us boring old farts are no longer,who will remember the good things that happened in the past ,STC Technologies

    1. Those good things will also be gone, STC.