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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Size Isn't Everything.

The Human race has two significant controls over its size and ergo its demands for survival. One is war and strife. Here deprivation, killing and mayhem stunts, slows and in some cases might even reverse population growth. The second regulatory issue, sometimes a consequence of the first, is famine.

Regardless of those two factors, the poorest still breed and maintain high levels of births. An ironic desire to survive, despite the death, malnutrition and arguments for not repeating the suffering that blights those nations and communities. Our consciences are normally pricked by African circumstances. Ones which, for approaching seven decades of my life, have always been present. Indeed for the known past it has always been the case.

Now, as the ability of the poor in India, Africa and elsewhere, to observe the surplus obesity of The West, there grows a natural demand for some of that to be directed to those less fortunate. For some inexplicable reason it doesn't happen to the degrees necessary to change the existence of this shameful state of affairs.

Thus I conclude the fundamental nature of survival of the fittest remains dominant. Those with great wealth and  or power choose to work to hold onto it even if they find their "tribe" suffering decline and a descent into the hades of poverty and neglect. Just look at this EU nightmare.

Unfortunately in this quest for security The West has ignored the basic issues of supply and demand. As we daily receive reports of "cuts" to the Armed Forces, Health, Welfare support and utter chaos in the vain efforts to cope with overwhelming demands, so the real cause of not only the UK's trials and tribulations but those of Europe, become ever more obvious.

The liberals and the left can whinge all they like about decency, fairness and nurturing but in their bleeding heart gerrymandering efforts to rule over natural selection and the basic need for survival, they have committed the most basic of errors. Tribal instinct is first and foremost for survival. Disperse those instincts, merge into a decentralised division of family and natural defensive allegiances and trouble is inevitable.

Thus whilst Africa stumbles ever onwards to supply the constant insatiable demands of millions of displaced, uncared for peoples, so The West follows a similar path. In The UK alone we now have an ersatz, overcrowded society. One which is completely unable to polarise support for fairness and equal sharing of wealth. So bad has it become it is unlikely to ever improve. Even without any further immigration the growth rates of an ever burgeoning underclass of aimless and disenfranchised mirror class of African poverty, is guaranteed.

Just as in Africa, those protected by inheritance from whatever source, will be OK. Whether they be political or historic dynasties, just as in the poorer countries, their power will ensure several generations of privilege. This is natural selection but one which breeds a careless attitude to reality and nature. However the greater the number demanding food, shelter and care the more valuable the asserts controlled by the few are protected by the "ownership" of them. It could be said that the hardship, suffering and deprivation expansion is of benefit to the powerful. Sure as heck seems that way, don't you think?


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