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Friday, 27 January 2012


How Much Did This Cost?

"The assessments rely on multiple scenarios based on computer modelling of the future climate.
The authors admit that there are large uncertainties leading to a wide range of possible results."
Can you believe how the BBC propaganda machine is so much a part of the scam? My favourite source of scientific study is this. Just compare this UK pathetic approach to the measured, non fearful approach in the link.

Despite the rubbish assumptions in any Government and tax payer funded but dictated agenda, we also get a weak effort at mitigation by promoting a positive "but" spin. Anything spewed by Government research should have a much larger caveat than they ever do. The buts are more butts than anything else.

Behind all of this are huge negatives and scams. They are so huge as to be very easily found wherever the dirty money and tax levies are conjoined. Just as with defense contracts, business departments and IT wasted funds, those senior civil servants and ministerial lickspittles on board are guaranteed massive personal gain to promote self interest and deceit. 

I've blogged, with many others, hours on this disgraceful rape of resources and the less well off. Wind turbines as unfit for purpose as politicians like speed king hoon, Huhne. I've despaired at the ignorance and flawed computer models. I even produced a long range  weather forecast at odds with the the computer model from the Met Office. Another member of the get rich bandwagon of AGW. Guess whose minor effort is to date the most accurate.

So, back to today's fanfare. The quote shown above from this weak but expensive "report" demolishes it's credibility by its own admissions but still is given the BBC unquestioning gravitas. What a disservice this organisation's slavish, sycophantic, ass licking crowd offer those who are forced tp pay to be preached at.

Yet this whole agenda is dangerous and unhealthy. The EU use it to create stealth tax regimes happily embraced by the rubbish political establishments. The hardship these energy doomsayers not only preach but savagely apply, kills the old and vulnerable. These misguided, arrogant, "we can tell the future" with our already discredited super computers, moronic and stupid idiots, just highlight how useless their capabilities to run anything, are.

The one significant issue for me is this. Look at the economic mess we are in and ask yourself his. How can we believe or trust in anything they say or do? The overwhelming evidence, emanating from their global warming and banking failures, is  we cannot. Showing them is another matter.


  1. Time for Madame Guillotine per chance?
    Add in horse drawn tumbrels and it keeps the carbon foot print down of such events!

  2. They will be found out. And I just hope i am here to see them get their just rewards.

  3. ""The assessments rely on multiple scenarios based on computer modelling of the future climate.

    The authors admit that there .......a wide range of possible results.""

    In other words, whatever the outcome, it's an absolute certainty, they could claim some model, somewhere, had predicted a 'correct' result.

  4. In the Thames Estuary, some of the lovely windmills have gone bust and the cost of repairs is very large. I wonder if anyone factored in repair and maintenance costs into machines that operate under persistent high stresses.

  5. Demitrius,you are having a bit of a larf when you say 'have the cost of repair been factored into the cost. These ignorant fools don't think that far ahead,only in their immediate personal future,and,the bonus they get for doing their 'job'.

  6. Even in staunchly "Green" Germany some are beginning to speak out against the senseless waste of money that is "Renewable Energy"...


  7. ArtCo, as with Barnacle! Joe, all very Orwellian attitude, Demetrius, DHB is spot on. Like when the banks went belly up, the perpetrators didn't suffer. MD, I still believe it will be the German Volk who will eventually see sense and dump Brussels!

  8. I don't think there's any reason to believe a single word uttered by a politico. I suppose some of them must believe in their own pronouncements, the deluded ones. But, from where I sit, we are being spoon-fed deliberate lie after deliberate lie. If it's not "global warming" shit it's some other equally smelly shit, like going into Afghanistan and leaving without a shot being fired, or like "we're all in this together".

    I wrote and challenged my MP, Conservative Minister Peter Luff about this, and he wrote back to tell me that I was being offensive and that my analysis was completely wrong. Maybe I am. Maybe black is white, after all.