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Monday, 2 January 2012

Dragging Ever On.

Seemingly Endless.

Given the economic stagnation and the EU's woes I am at a loss to understand why today is a bank holiday in the UK. Christmas came and went, the New year seems ragged and pointless already and no bugger is back at work. 3,506 laws were introduced in the UK in 2010, probably more in 2011. Our lot of EU lackeys stroll in to do absolutely nothing to improve our wealth on the 10th of January. Indeed they'll be using much of it up in hot air and nothing else.

As for The EU, if this crisis is so terrible how come they're taking a month off? As for this New year message plague, what a pathetic load of crap. I ask you, when did Boy Dave and the rest of them record these? Note the lack of mention of that festering sore that is Afghanistan just hours after the last brave but pointless death of a soldier.

2012 is definitely kicking off as I expected. The same desperate and useless sods who've created the misery we are now enduring are bolstering the feckless and reckless credit card bingers and sacrificing the more prudent of us. We being a dwindling band of savers and pensioners totally unable, any more, to service circa £2 billion quid a day borrowing!

New Year speeches. What utter bollocks. Cheer up they say, it could be worse, as billions more are squandered on the Hubris Olympics and expensive Jubilee. All wallpaper used to cover the split cracks in the walls. Still they will all be forgotten in 100 years time, won't they?


  1. 4,062 new "laws" in 2011.



  2. "Cheer up they say, it could be worse" - It usually is.....

    Pessimist, Moi????

  3. 100 years?

    Week after they're all over more likely!

  4. CR, at what unnecessary cost? MD, took an elderly Lady friend to see the views from Clee Hill this morning, now that's worth fighting for. There's a feint touch of optimism!
    You're quite correct Barnacle. Who were we talking about?!

  5. Four to five thousand BMW's to ferry about the big wigs at the Olympics. Am I paying for this?

  6. Demetrius, I wonder which party donor was given that perk? Why not Jags? It's the stuff we never hear about that hurts the most.

  7. "Cheer up they said, it could be worse".
    So I cheered up and, sure enough, things got worse!