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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Despite Failure.

The Perpetrators Go On And On.

Don't spend too much time dwelling on these two arseholes. The picture is just to illustrate how failure on a gargantuan scale is still rewarded. The manufactured and hypocritical furore over Hester's contractual bonus scheme is pure smoke screen tactics.

In today's Sunday Times the emphasis on Davos is quite unusual when hitherto these jamborees have been more shadowy. However we are allowed to glimpse the global economic change underway. The declining influence of a debt ridden, pointless, introspective EU is a glaring blot on the landscape.

This failed conglomerate of unelected, boring bureaucrats such as the likes of Rompuy and Barosso, is there for all to see. A power grab by a dull, copycat wannabee business moguls, bunch of inadequates, lumbers on.  They preach, hector, lecture, posture and pretend total certainty of their own superiority. How delusional is that?

The meme at Davos is leave them to it. They are the architects of this failed Federalism. They have no ammunition left. Their cork pop guns and water pistols aren't the weapons they thought they were. The pursuit of a vast arsenal of cork regulations and aqua fire power is exhausted.

So, like those two creatures of mediocrity above, they will slope off sooner or later. We are already living their legacies, of course. Not only that, until this evolved protectionist bloc of debt mountain is broken up, its constituent parts remain locked in glaciers of frozen economic time warps. 

The one big irony is that the global powerhouse potential of Germany has also been frozen on this same mountain. Reliant on dominating Europe economically they took their eye off the global game play. I have often said and I say it again, Greece may or may not leave the euro zone but Germany will be the one to dissolve this terrible failure that is The EU. Someone has to show a lead. I suspect only the German people will have the balls.

Since the EU hierarchy will still remain wealthy, whatever the suffering of we little people, goes without saying. Still, time will tell but I hope to live long enough to watch the possibility develop where, just for once, failure is punished. It's known to happen in China!  Be warned, Mandy!



  1. I think more and more people are waking up to what these people are doing OR, remember 60 million of us etc... Its certainly coming.

  2. There ought to be a law against bloggers putting on offensive pictures. I was quite upset at these ones.

  3. If ever there is a call for volunteers to speed up the process of any of these feckers meeting their Makers sooner, I will happily put my name forward; I've got a little list ...

  4. As in the UK, so it is in Germany, there are no serious contenders for power standing on a get out of the EU ticket. So you can forget them leaving as your light at the end of the tunnel.

    Anyway, that picture of Rumpoy Pumpoy looks awfully like Meerkovo the meerkat puppet. Are they related?

  5. ArtCo, you lift my own hope, Demetrius, sorry missed out the health warning, BB, bet your list resembles mine! Anon, patience is needed, I guess. The gist of my post is that they are doing our destructive undermining to themselves. Sadly we pay, of course.