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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Denial All Around!

All Of Them!

In the modern world of today I am astounded at the level of denial in every aspect of  life. This thought occurred to me whilst contemplating the predictability of marketing and advertising. After circa three months of corporate overkill for Christmas junk buying, we get January sales, keep fit or slimming rubbish and to cap it all any moment now, pregnancy testing kits.

Of all these sales pushes the one that astounds me most this year is holiday advertising pushes and most of all Thomas Cook. Now who would choose to book a trip with a company one billion dollars or more in hock? I sniff a rat there. 

However I digress. Back to this collective denial. In all of the advertising stuff and political dogma, the most in denial of all areas of our world has to be politics. One minute we are told to save the planet as if we could! Then don't eat junk food, smoke or booze, having just boosted tax theft through all of those things, over the Christmas holidays. It doesn't seem to penetrate the corporate or political mindset that we are all broke. Either through too much borrowing and plastic meltdown or watching the not even stealthily done raids on savings and pensions. Palpable denial that the mess we are in just needs more tax to be raised and bingo back to another headlong binge of denial borrowing.

If Governments and corporations were really serious about the facts staring us in the face we would see a reduction in their activities, not a never ending growth or expansion culture. For starters the Christmas/New year break was far too long. The Olympics are destined to be a 100 billion pounds worth of hubristic failure. Still the denial goes on. One of the happiest little creeps in the UK is our beloved  Seb, Lord, Coe. A mean spirited, pinched faced man, whose legacy is looking ever more gross and horrible. Still, it will be a couple of years before it unravels. Time to harden the denial statements and thoughts!

Finally, The BBC. Their utter disbelief that there is not a Labour Government anymore is tangible. The long faces of the Oxbridge Autocue bunch alone, set the tone of misery barely denied. Any rare snippet of good news, particularly economic, fills them with dread. A bit about the terrific success of John Lewis tinged with "buts" and then quickly the story moves to how the trailer trash, Jeremy Kyle lot are having a hard time as their cushy benefit life styles are discussed. The BBC "cuts" mantra continues as the denial factor ensures they omit the truth that this Government has borrowed more than their beloved, guilt free, in their minds, Labour Government.

One place the denial culture doesn't have much truck is in blogging. Slowly the "ordinary" person with a smidgeon of common sense is judging the MSM and not liking what they see. Slowly but surely internet communication is making a difference. Perhaps one day the deniers will wake up elsewhere. A couple of hours reading blogs such as  real climate debate, or lots of Christopher Booker would save the true deniers of reality and ourselves billions. I doubt the arrogant pillocks will bother. 

Challenged this very day about solar panel and tariff issues our Boy blustered and huffed and puffed as his denial of reality beamed from his well presented, coiffured face. Sleek, rich and possibly even powerful but still so very much in denial where ordinary lives are concerned. Indeed in denial as to the utter failure of the political classes and their European Dictatorship.

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