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Thursday, 26 January 2012


Useless Tail Chasers.


Cameron hectoring and lecturing Davos as I write. Such cat/dog tail chasing. The Boy claims deregulation of business is agreed by Merkin as she moans more regulation necessary. He does wave that ghastly blue flag, however. More political union, more fiscal regulation and so on. Such wind. As they make the effort to snatch their tails, they blow off in their own faces.

As for Merkin, she's buying Drachma if her words are to be believed. Albeit she's at loggerheads with Mme Lagarde about merging EU bailout, crap funds. The fact that these ridiculous institutions themselves are funded by IOUs in the form of printed wallpaper patterns.

See what I mean by chasing tails. This manic round and round chasing something pointless to catch, encapsulates these pathetic failures. Clegg's now at it. Sure tax reduction is a way forward but can't be done, young Toff when you won't address demand for tax.

 Immigrant benefits to people barely a day in the Land. A black economy populated with sex trafficked slaves and drug barons from every corner of the globe. A daily influx of legal and illegal tides of held out hand or willing workers, for whom a roof over their heads, free medical care on false documents and jobs galore at a quid an hour all found.

The alien tide of unregulated theft is, alone, such an anchor on The UK economy as to be insurmountable. Add to that the massive issue political secrecy, a Civil Service overstaffed with frequently incompetent crooks and their union apologists and the tail chasing gets ever wilder.

All of the problems, there are many more, cannot be addressed because The EU, in some form or other, taints and forbids the actions necessary. No more NHS gift wrapped treatment to all and sundry cannot be achieved since it's regarded as a perk for health tourists from across the globe and an allowed right to any EU citizen. Croatia has just signed up to this skewed club. 

Turkey is on the membership application lists. Imagine that tide of humanity sweeping North. Guess the target destination? So as this failing political skyscraper blows in the wind, constantly cracking and close to collapse, the pygmies give speeches, wring their hands and plead for time and tax. 

In the midst of it all they spout ever more "green" tax and AGW mantras. Sure, set basic tax level at £10k, then claw it back seven fold in energy scams. Ignore the riches available from shale gas, spend billions on the EU membership. Such tail chasing. Sheer madness, whilst the markets keep snipping off the tail tips every chance they get. Want to make money? Invest in cats and dogs tails!


  1. Cameron is always shooting his mouth off about something. He just loves the sound of his own voice.

  2. When I see this clown Im reminded of the film Face/Off he's Blair with a different face.

  3. Oldrightie said...
    Michael, he's such a disappointment.
    Anon, weak and vain.