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Thursday, 19 January 2012

5th Column.

The Arrogance Of Stupidity.

As much as I am disappointed with this Cobbleition it remains marginally better than the alternative. However I continue to be amazed at their total blindness to the placements, throughout our Nation's institutions, the Labour Party and Trade Unions made during their interminable period in office. 

After the collapse of Industry the Unions moved to shackle the Public Services. Financial Institutions, by and large, remain free of this totalitarian movement so far. Albeit their grip on Whitehall and Councils gives them a wedge which they continue to exploit.

I expressed the fear that the incoming Government would fail to appreciate this cadre of "fifth columnists". I also felt that since my little mind could figure this out the almighty forces at the top of the Tory and indeed Liberal Parties might just have worked it out for themselves. Guess what?

This morning heralded the gleeful BBC auto cue brigades' salivation over the NHS loud opposition wails, emanating from every quarter of the Health Service. That glottal stop prat Burnham was trotted forth to mumble his thick ignorance and gleeful pleasure that his cronies and spies were showing their power.

Lansley looked utterly sandbagged. Expensive meetings, smiles and apparent agreements were publicly rubbished by the people set up to do that very job. Of course they won't be a genuine democratic representation. Those involved will be the left wing saboteurs already responsible for the state of The Nation's economy. The doctors on hundreds of thousands a year to preside over the shambles the NHS is becoming.

Take a look at a glaring example here. This is the nightmare people are demanding huge pensions for. Teachers much the same. Standards so appallingly inept yet salaries, many outside this Socialist club can only dream of, being used as a club. This bunch of cretins are only now beginning to get the treatment their Government meted out to us poor tax payers and pension robbed, private sector workers.

If we take this further we can see that the West's economic collapse is based on a bureaucratic monolithic army of non productive idiots. People led to believe their superior, job security, massive salaries were somehow magically divorced from the real world. Toe the line, fight any proposals not conducive to the Socialist path. One where you are either for the State or out of a job. It needs breaking but as ever where is the leadership, the morality, indeed the common sense to put service before self?

I suppose the terrible tsunami of debt these attitudes have created might sort them out. Sadly we shall all suffer terribly. Notwithstanding these selfish, brainwashed Public Servants have already robbed us blind. 


  1. You're right, but I fear it may take the total collapse of Western civilization to get rid of them.

  2. A slow business, Michael. Death by a thousand cuts.