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Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 Style.

Brainwashing Supreme.

Then read this utter drivel from my latest face slap arse. The subtle and sometimes less than subtle propaganda is a major driving force in our lives. Many more fall for it than don't. It dominates globalised marketing, political unsavoury aims and a plethora of evil scheming.  

It is only shown up as pathetic when masses suddenly realise they've been conned. Hence the Arab uprisings likely to burst into the West's cuddly regime of Saudi Arabia ere long.

I sometimes wonder that,  if a cause of action is done for altruistic reasons, is propaganda's failings in such action, a sign of their genuine nature? That is to suggest that any behaviour that is spontaneous and therefore incapable of an initial "softening" up exercise,  a measure of its potential for greatness?

I love when YouTube clips of quite innocuous incidents become very popular. In a similar vein one might consider the Military Wives Choir Christmas single. Although that was somewhat hyped, it still took the public's feelings to propel the subsequent hype rather than be led by it. A final example of true decent behaviour is the impromptu (and for the powers that be, undesirable)  First World war Christmas truce between fellow human beings. People meant to loathe and hate at the decree of yet another failed elite but momentarily overcame their brainwashed state.

Unfortunately our brainwashing is financed by our own earnings. The film above plus the 10 year celebrations of a disastrous currency experiment, have and continues to, cost us, billions. There must be better places to spend our struggling  GDPs.

Like unnecessary wars perhaps. Or how about The BBC showing how wonderful the North Korean way is for us all. Maybe we could spend billions on deforestation, to provide the European Union with its mountains of pathetic volumes of, wait for it, propaganda! Yup,  "You vill luff thee uro or else "  is how it has been decreed.

You will embrace climate change waste and suffer to save the planet for we special ones. We can then blot it out with propaganda driven conflict. The planet may be doomed but the hierarchies intend to make their demise more palliative than the rest of us. Selling weapons and propaganda guarantee a few a less painful end. Unlike those used to promote these dark arts. At least some of us recognise it, a shame more don't.


  1. Why do so few people holiday in North Korea? It is cheap and there are some excellent unspoiled beaches. East Germany used to be quite nice as well. Everybody knew each other and had a real community spirit. If you waited long enough you were allowed to buy a Trabant car to go the beaches in the Baltic. The BBC used to be very keen on East Germany, especially its sports. It seems to have transferred it's passion now to North Korea.

  2. "If you waited long enough you were allowed to buy a Trabant". Only if the inner circle thought you worthy, Demetrius!
    Imagine Edmil having a say when you might be allowed to have sex!

  3. Happy New Year, Rightie!
    I hope this year that crappy flag finally comes down and is used for fillers in bird cages, if even the birds will have it.

    I hope your 2012 is wonderful! Keep up the fight, we have to believe things will improve.
    PS: Congrats on your Blog award! Much deserved.

  4. Bunni, have a great 2012, too. It's comments and support such as yours keeps me going!

  5. OR, I thought the BBC did a sterling job last week of showing how fabulous the North Korean way would be last week. Wall to wall coverage it was.

    The problem with today's politicians is that they have few of the skills of those such as Thatcher etc. When we were younger political propaganda was usually expertly transmitted to the great unwashed, however today it just appears as lies- except to those who have experienced the state schooling system in the last 25 years.

  6. "Education, education, education" from Bliar was nought but a ruse to demolish the then more conservative, traditional teaching profession, Subrosa. What a spectacular failure for the UK, a great victory for the communist goal.