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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Well Talk About Menopausal!

Bullies Unite.

I wondered, like many others about how much Cameron might have upset those playground bullies in The EU. If this and the starting link are read with this it does indicate a more dramatic stand than many of us might have believed. As for bullying Barroso must take the dog biscuit

Regardless of whether or not The Boy is a Europhile in sceptic clothing, the language, tantrums, threats and nastiness emanating from the pricks in Brussels, certainly shows the real face of EU governance. Never mind the rampant corruption, just one of thousands of scams, here.

There can be no denying the wealth of the City of London's trading successes is coveted by the bullies in Brussels and the Merkozy establishment. As they thrash about looking for pennies for long lost euros down the back of the sofa, they keep half an eye on any potential targets for their voracious appetites. Such a target is Britain's gemstone of a  financial market and that itch they are desperate to tear the flesh from, our rebate. You know the one, most of which Bliar gave away to enhance his bid for the EU Teutonic Presidency. One thing's for sure, if a Federal Europe State comes about, it would be a German titular head for sure.

Now that was tried with temporary but limited success in 1939. Watch your backs, Poland. The Froggies needn't worry. They've sold out before, why not again? Good old Europe as one.


  1. re Spanish fishing "reports estimated a whopping eight billion euros (in subsidies).
    Spain is also accused of overlooking illegal and unregulated fishing". No surprises there then.

    Well we all know what to do with bullies especially when they are tossers like Barroso.

    Some in finance have questioned the ability of the EU to win a fight with The City which could literally sell the EU down the proverbial river.

  2. Hi, Banned. The EU way is always to be covert. So attacks on our city "jewel in the crown" will be done surreptitiously.