Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

This England.

We Are Such Mugs.

 Hat tip to Durotrigan.

This land of true and valiant men, 
This England fine and fair,
With freedom of its own desire,
And justice as its heir.

These lionhearted men of old,
Will fight for justice here,
Where lies and evil deeds may die,
And truth be always dear.

These stout and stalwart Englishmen,
Fear nought and stand bold fast,
That they may quell the evil of,
Their enemies at last.

An Englishman is true indeed,
True to each and all,
He fights for justice and the rights,
Of men to stand up tall.

These lion hearts of England,
Are kings in their own right,
Fear nought thou valiant Englishmen,
For truth you'll always fight.

A soldier for the rights of folk,
The same as you and me,
Protects those innocent and pure,
As babes on mothers knee.

As England shall again begin,
To rally to the sword,
Vanquished all the enemies be,
Of people, and the Lord.

Hold up your heads O, Englishmen,
Stand tall and never flinch,
For the rights of each and everyone,
Don't ever give an inch.

Trevor Jenkins. with thanks.


  1. Our ancestors are spinning like tops in their graves over how England has been sold out by scums.

    I sure hope things can be revered. Stand tall and never flinch in the face of these creeps, or th ings will really be done for and you might as well move here, which is also crap!

  2. AB, You're nor wrong. What a mess our erstwhile selfish leaders have created. "Greed will out" as well as breeding. Those Somalis were a bunch of scrubbers and if in a Muslim country would have been stoned!

  3. If the men of old do spin like tops in their graves it is because they see the spineless spawn that is us.
    Mea Culpa.

  4. Anon, yes indeed although there is the appearance of a fight back against the Franco-German Axis. Dunkirk again, maybe!