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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Spot The Difference.

I Can't!

Apart from one's a modern day Tory and the other's a leftie has been. There again, if we really concentrate we can work out other differences, can't we!

Here are my considered thoughts! Firstly Burley was not HIMSELF dressed as a Nazi. Furthermore he was not observed dressed as such and about to fellate another bloke's appendage. Now I reckon those are pretty significant differences.

We can delve deeper. One was part of the cabal that wrecked our savings, pensions, population numbers and just about everything he has ever touched. Probably including the object of his lustful gaze in the picture! Now if anyone else would like to contribute to the differences, feel free. It is not, of course, despite the piccie, a spot the ball competition!

One last thought, is the "other" party in the picture Kiddyfiddler Mandy? Did you see the unctuous, ghastly creature this morning. Sickening man as well. Why is the Left such an oasis for these people? Guilt possibly?


  1. These people are a bunch of freaks. In this age, do they think they can do anything w/out a photo ending up somewhere? Even obumf*ck's mum has very nasty photo's of her, when she was a hooker, all over the net. How embarrassing, of course, he's such a son of a bitch & ho, it doesn't phase him in the least.

    Ho ho ho, tis the season ;-)

  2. So who's the Daddy!!

    Very happy Christmas, Bunni!

  3. I heard that Burley hired the costume for his mate ... which isn't going to go down too well. Still doesn't explain why Balls has never been given the big heave ho. Must be all those pics he's got of Brown wearing a nappy on a rocking horse ... or just plain hypocrisy.
    Lord Felching of Fondleboys is good at that ;-)

  4. Hi, Max, at a given point or place on the greasy pole you become untouchable. That is until Le Tricoteuse get going!