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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

So Many Questions

So Few Answers.

I would love to know where the likes of Huhne and his wind turbine manufacturer bung mates stand on those flaming blade pictures last week. I would love to know why shale gas production and car fuel benefits of no carbon emissions stand with the obvious oil lobby firms need to protect oil revenues. As for their take on sea levels not rising, the planet not warming and the natural cycle of it all being independent of human hubris. To be honest, the list is endless.

Here's one question for anyone reading this post. How can this vast payment structure be policed?  Note well the warning that the files are vast! I have just glanced at the first few lines and gasped at the huge number of "bungs". Here are clues as to why the EU budget never gets signed off. Is it also a clue as to why the PIIGS and the euro are in so much trouble?

I smell in these files a massive global scam and fraud that pales the banking crisis. It also might suggest the fear we are seeing in those leaders responsible. easily lost in those vast files are Mandlesons riches, The Kinnocks millions  the Bliar fortune. That's just the Brit arses. If Oldrightie were able and bright enough he would comb these beneficiaries for the dirt. Sadly I don't have the expertise to do so. 

All I can say is in these documents will be hidden scandals of a magnitude yet unrealised. Why am I so certain? Pure logic and mathematics. Such a massive amount of funding will for sure have cleverly disguised spin offs. Money laundering for one!! 

One final thought. A forward to the files states that individual names of beneficiaries are not revealed! I suspect Barroso and Rompuy will be in there somewhere. Along with other quasi official payments to all sorts of people. No wonder so many want to be aboard this train. Passengers seeking a first class seat ,oblivious to the cliff it is hurtling towards, should the European peoples find out "where the money has really gone"!


  1. Please remind me where to bring up google tranlate.

    Think to do is concentrate on one bungee, Mandelson perhaps. No way did he earn his fabulous wealth from his ministerial salary, EU pension and book writing.

  2. Interestingly these docs., from the EU, won't translate more than the titles! More reason to be suspicious.
    As for Mandy, good at hiding his skid marks!